Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#Denver Lawyer With #Pot Clients Loses Liability Insurance Insurance Firm Says Medical #Marijuana Legal Clients Are Risk Factor ("medical" marijuana rant number... um... I forget...)

In case you're not a regular: When I post on this particular local news site, trolls leap on my posts and flag them no matter what time of the day or night it is, trying to have them removed to make sure that nobody can read my poor little opinions. (At least I'm important to SOMEONE! lol) So every so often I will post them here as well. 

This article: details how a Denver attorney who represents "medical" marijuana patients has lost her liability insurance. 

Hippies in 2007: "Yay! Our enlightened NEW government is going to make pot LEGAL and all we have to do to get some is lie about being sick!"

Hippies in 2009: "Wow, man, this is like UTOPIA!! I lied about being sick, got this groovy card, and there's a shop on like every block! I love the government, and you should, too!"

Hippies in 2012: "Wh... what's happening, man? Our groovy government we elected is TURNING ON US!!"

My personal opinion is that weed is awesome and it would be nice if it was legal. In an enlightened society, of course it would be. But idealistic hippies have to learn the hard way -- and perhaps repeatedly -- that the government is NOT here to help them. If you want freedom and reason, you have to stand up for freedom and reason, and vote for those who similarly stand for freedom and reason -- and not just those who cynically tell you what you want to hear. Live and learn.