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Soviet Moon Lander Discovered Water on the Moon in 1976 - Technology Review

Soviet Moon Lander Discovered Water on the Moon in 1976 - Technology Review

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Our real first gay president

Our real first gay president:
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After years in captivity, dolphins released - CNN

After years in captivity, dolphins released - CNN

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Seven Reasons Why Tea Partiers Should Protect 7th Amendment - Tea Party Nation

Seven Reasons Why Tea Partiers Should Protect 7th Amendment - Tea Party Nation

DHS Whistleblower: Obama to Commit ‘Reichstag’ Event to Enact Martial Law

DHS Whistleblower: Obama to Commit ‘Reichstag’ Event to Enact Martial Law:
[While we can't verify the accuracy of this 'DHS whistleblower' we feel we should at least inform of the possibility.]
The Obama agents, through the DHS and other assorted colluders, are plotting a major ‘Reichstag’ event to generate racial riots and produce the justification for martial law, delaying the November 2012 elections, possibly indefinitely, a DHS whistleblower informed the Canada Free Press on Tuesday.
The ‘Reichstag Event’ would take the form of a staged assassination attempt against Barack Obama, “carefully choreographed” and manufactured by Obama operatives. It would subsequently be blamed on “white supremacists” and used to enrage the black community to rioting and looting, the DHS source warned.
The Obama administration would then use the violence and chaos they created as justification for the imposition of martial law in major urban cities in America, the creation of DHS checkpoints, restriction of travel, and the indefinite delay of the November 2012 elections.
The Reichstag event refers to a fire started during Hitler’s rise to power. The fire allowed him to grab emergency powers and murder his opposition. Historians have long believed that Hitler started the fire himself, while he blamed it on the Communists.
The anonymous whistleblower elaborated on how the Obama administration is using the Occupy movement, labor unions, and other assorted subversive groups to create massive chaos within the nation.
Primary source: The Coming Attack
Secondary source: Before It’s News

There's no such thing as a "right" to marry, dumbasses

This post will probably be flagged for deletion pretty soon, so I'm reproducing it here: (Santorum To Romney: Same-Sex Marriage 'Potent Weapon')

Governor Flip-Flop is simply doing what comes most naturally to him:  He sees which way the wind is blowing and changes his views accordingly. 
Most people in the US couldn't care less about this issue and resent being forced to think about it so much. There's no such thing as "marriage rights" -- period.  
If you want to marry someone and the local cleric refuses to marry you, then all you gotta do is find someone who will cooperate.  That seems easy enough, right?  But it's not really the "getting married" part that gay people care about, or they would just be voting with their feet right now, i.e., going to a place where they can legally marry; it's being able to tap into spousal health and insurance benefits that is driving this cause.  (Remember: Follow the money.) 
This issue has a lot in common with Roe v Wade: A lazy person doesn't want to travel to a place where she CAN get an abortion -- like, you know, across town or something, that's too much trouble -- but wants to use the law to force local doctors to provide her with one (at reduced cost). Does that have anything to do with "right"...?  No, it's about convenience.  In this case, clerics are faced with the prospect of having to perform marriages when they are not willing to do so, and employers are faced with the prospect of having to provide benefits for a huge army of people that they formerly didn't have to worry about. 
It's about money and convenience, not the supposed "right" to marry.  
The average American citizen obviously is longing for a more conservative government that intrudes as little as possible into people's day-to-day lives and Romney is responding to that; if he thought it would be more to his benefit to support gay marriage, believe me -- he would.  The fact that he's taking a stand against it means his uptick in the polls (now ahead of Obie) is based on conservatives being sick to death of a government that panders to tiny special interest groups and foreign dictatorships instead of caring about the taxpayers it relies on. 



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While MSM Proclaims Its Death, The Tea Party Builds an Army

While MSM Proclaims Its Death, The Tea Party Builds an Army:

The Tea Party has spent the past several months methodically building, training, and developing its army without much flashy media attention. The lack of media coverage has led a few people to ask if the Tea Party is still alive. After his defeat at the hands of the Tea Party, soon-to-be former Senator Dick Lugar can tell you, the Tea Party is not only alive but they are also organized to fight, and win.
Lugar, a well-entrenched member of the Republican establishment, betrayed Tea Party values by casting too many fiscally liberal and self-serving votes, and too few fiscally responsible ones. In fact, over Lugar's thirty-six year tenure in the Senate, the national debt increased $14.9 trillion! The Tea Party responded to his derilection of duty by mobilizing grassroots and working intelligently and vigorously to replace him with someone who will, hopefully, provide more fiscally conservative representation in the Senate.
The role of the Tea Party in opposing Lugar was downplayed by the media and the Ruling Class. Many Americans probably had no idea what was happening. But almost immediately following his defeat on Tuesday the media is buzzing about the resurgence of the movement. The establishment should be abuzz as well. It comes as no surprise to Tea Party Patriots that the media either misses or ignores the real story, which is that the Tea Party never faded. In fact, it has been quietly growing in strength.
The next big battle ground in which the Tea Party will exercise its more refined skills is the June 5 recall election in Wisconsin. Tea Party Patriots, the nation’s largest grassroots Tea Party umbrella group, already has advance teams laying the groundwork for a massive influx of reinforcements to support Tea Party principles in Wisconsin.
By next week, buses will begin bringing Tea Party Patriots volunteers from all across America to start canvassing Wisconsin and motivating the voters to support fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. It remains to be seen if the Ruling Class--i.e. the glad-handing, back-slapping, good ol' boys and girls in both parties and their complicit cohorts in the mainstream media--will be able to see past their own bigoted prejudices enough to pay attention.

Photo from right wing uncensored


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New research exposes deep infiltration of U.S. government by Islamists - National Conservative |

New research exposes deep infiltration of U.S. government by Islamists - National Conservative |

#Denver Lawyer With #Pot Clients Loses Liability Insurance Insurance Firm Says Medical #Marijuana Legal Clients Are Risk Factor ("medical" marijuana rant number... um... I forget...)

In case you're not a regular: When I post on this particular local news site, trolls leap on my posts and flag them no matter what time of the day or night it is, trying to have them removed to make sure that nobody can read my poor little opinions. (At least I'm important to SOMEONE! lol) So every so often I will post them here as well. 

This article: details how a Denver attorney who represents "medical" marijuana patients has lost her liability insurance. 

Hippies in 2007: "Yay! Our enlightened NEW government is going to make pot LEGAL and all we have to do to get some is lie about being sick!"

Hippies in 2009: "Wow, man, this is like UTOPIA!! I lied about being sick, got this groovy card, and there's a shop on like every block! I love the government, and you should, too!"

Hippies in 2012: "Wh... what's happening, man? Our groovy government we elected is TURNING ON US!!"

My personal opinion is that weed is awesome and it would be nice if it was legal. In an enlightened society, of course it would be. But idealistic hippies have to learn the hard way -- and perhaps repeatedly -- that the government is NOT here to help them. If you want freedom and reason, you have to stand up for freedom and reason, and vote for those who similarly stand for freedom and reason -- and not just those who cynically tell you what you want to hear. Live and learn.

BBC News - Mystery of horse taming 'solved' by gene study

BBC News - Mystery of horse taming 'solved' by gene study

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Let's end child rape on #Facebook

Let's end child rape on Facebook:
Note: This column contains disturbing descriptions of child sexual abuse. Reader discretion is advised.
Just one month ago, I embarked upon one of the most challenging and heart-wrenching journalism assignments of my young career: Infiltrating the wicked underworld of child pornography on Facebook.
On my journey, I uncovered the most explicit photographs and videos of child rape anyone could imagine, all available on the ubiquitous social networking website 901 million users have come to know and love. Most Facebook users have no idea that this social network  – a U.S.-based company making an initial public offering expected to value the company as high as $100 billion – is home to an enormous collection of unreported child pornography and sexual violence.
During the investigation, I developed several alias Facebook profiles of women who appeared promiscuous, bisexual and overtly flirtatious. Then I combed profiles for common indicators of pedophile interests – such as the book “Lolita,” the movie “Thirteen,” fan groups for incest, PTHC (preteen hard-core pornography) and “Receiving nude pics.”
One by one, I “friended” some of the most wicked and dangerous criminals on Facebook.
Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.
Once our “friendship” was approved, I instantly had access to albums filled with child pornography. Graphic images and videos of children and sex abuse were reported to the FBI, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Facebook. (You can read more about that investigation here.)
The children posing provocatively and being raped in these photographs and videos were young, very young – almost all under the age of 12.
As a rule, journalists are trained to have tough skin. Amid frequent gracious and appreciative letters from readers, we learn to deal with emails filled with criticism, hate and condemnation. Every so often we cover stories that require a great deal of fortitude. In our line of work, sometimes we witness content that changes us forever.
However, little could prepare me for what I was about to uncover on Facebook’s publicly visible pages.
Among the most disturbing pornography, I discovered photos and videos uploaded from cell phones. Boys and girls were being raped by adult men and women – some who were parents of their victims, as captioned in an incest film of a mother and her young son.
One photo depicted a naked adult male sexually penetrating a young boy, whose face was buried in his pillow. The cover shot of another video revealed a nude man on a bed with one hand on a naked baby lying next to him.
Most of these Facebook predators aren’t only looking at child pornography images. A 2007 Federal Bureau of Prisons study in which psychologists conducted an in-depth survey of online offenders’ sexual behavior revealed that 85 percent of convicted Internet offenders who viewed child pornography said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape.
As a mother of two young children, even the toughest skin could not protect me from the heartbreak of seeing these images.
I was stunned, staring at my computer screen. The images grew worse with every click.
For several weeks, those photos of youngsters were all I could think about – and for good reason. Child rape is much like an unfinished murder. It destroys a child’s soul. These innocent boys and girls have been betrayed by the very people who are charged with protecting them from the world’s evil – trusted adults, friends, neighbors, siblings and often their own parents.
As my friend Raymond Bechard – who, alongside fellow patriot Rich Lepoutre, has guided me through the dark side of Facebook and waged war against child pornography on social media – explains in his book, “The Berlin Turnpike: A True Story of Human Trafficking in America,” “Everything is stolen from its victims: their development, their education, their health, and their right to grow up in a protected and safe environment free from harm.”
Statistics show many of these children will suffer with relationship problems. They may lead lives of prostitution, drug and alcohol abuse, trust and control issues, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and depression. They are more likely to be sexually active at younger ages, have lower educational status and more mental health problems. The abuse often causes extremely negative emotional and physical impacts for decades, even lifetimes.
As evidenced by the profound sorrow in the children’s eyes, those troubles had already begun.
One recent study tracked a group of sexually abused girls ages 6 to 16 for 23 years. The results were published in the Cambridge University Press journal Development and Psychopathology. Dr. Frank Putnam, professor of pediatrics and psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, told MSNBC:
“The cortisol levels (of some study participants) wound up looking like Vietnam vets. That tells us they are in a chronic state of stress, and never feel safe.”
This issue is uncomfortable – and often painful – for many of us to discuss. But with no one to trust, these children are in desperate need of an advocate.
They need your help.
Abandoning this heart-wrenching assignment was never an option. Rather than grow discouraged at the wickedness I was witnessing, I did what any intuitive and God-fearing journalist would do: I prayed.
“God, please give me the strength and courage to handle what I am about to see. Help me bring these people to justice and be a voice for these little children.”
For many weeks, I recited that prayer before logging into my accounts. God, in all of His grace, guided me through the depths of human depravity and brought me indescribable peace when I needed it most. During the investigation, I soon discovered more images than I had ever imagined – entire rings of photo traders and abusers – and reported them to the FBI.
Through my alias accounts, I made dozens of reports to Facebook. In some cases, I called and emailed the social network, but received no response.
In fact – after numerous child pornography reports to Facebook – the social network actually blocked my account due to “security reasons.” In many cases, the photos I reported were months old and had been viewed and shared by dozens or even hundreds of pedophiles.
Facebook rewarded my diligence and conscientious reporting by shutting down my accounts immediately after I informed it of dozens of cases of child sexual abuse.
In every case, law-enforcement authorities were quick to act. Many of the images and profiles were removed within 24 hours after I reported them to the FBI.
But the problem is not going away. The photos multiply every day. Even now, Facebook users around the world are raping children and trading thousands of images of their sexual abuse with others just like them.
While I have profound respect for the FBI agents and advocates who wage this battle against child pornography each and every day, Michelle Collins, vice president for the exploited children division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, recently told me:
“We are talking about receiving thousands and thousands of reports each week. Last year, there were more than 320,000 reports – the majority from electronic service providers. Certainly not all the cases are going to be investigated. Law enforcement has the challenge of having to decide, with given resources, where to focus the attention and on which cases. Challenges continue to arise.”
It’s time to urge Facebook to prevent these images from ever appearing on the social network in the first place. is an effort to bring pressure to bear on the management and board at the social network.
“We hope to put good, old-fashioned pressure on Facebook to do something about this,” said Lepoutre, who has joined Bechard in leading the charge. “This is not a technical challenge. This is an unwillingness to make a willful choice to deal with it – and to deal with it completely. Facebook has the means to do it.”
Please join me in encouraging Facebook and other social media networks to protect our innocent children and put a stop to child pornography on their sites.
Concerned individuals may do the following:
Send a flood of 1st-class mailed postcards to Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, members of Facebook’s board and top-level management and staff telling them you want this criminal activity to stop.
Sign the petition to stop child porn on Facebook.
Contact members of Congress and urge them to act now.

(short vid about Muslims exploiting American welfare system) » All-American Muslim, MY ASS! Bare Naked Islam

» All-American Muslim, MY ASS! Bare Naked Islam

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Beastie Boys -- She's on it (music video)

The FDA Is the Problem, Not Its Budget

The FDA Is the Problem, Not Its Budget:
The Wall Street Journal recently ran an op-ed by a former commissioner of the FDA on the agency’s impact on medical innovations such as stem cell therapy (a subject we’ve blogged about at length). The author, Andrew von Eschenbach, boils down the FDA’s dousing of innovation to one major problem: lack of funding.
But the problem is the FDA itself, not its current budget.
The FDA has no business coercively keeping drugs, devices and other therapies off the market before it deems them worthy. By what right does the FDA force innovative companies like Regenerative Sciences to take a “time out” on the procedure they spent years developing and testing so that the FDA can play catch-up to the new technology? By what right does the FDA make it illegal for Americans to use their own cells until bureaucrats give permission?
The FDA, by its nature, treats innovators as guilty until proven innocent—what’s a bigger extinguisher of innovation, in terms of the costs and time involved for gaining regulatory approval, than that? And the FDA forces the rest of us to abide by its collective edicts, rather than our own doctors’ assessment of risks and benefits in our own, individual medical circumstances.
According to Eschenbach, “Regulatory approval is the only bridge between miracles in the laboratory and lifesaving treatments.” It’s time to dismantle that bridge and establish a system by which the government puts on trial only cases of demonstrable fraud, not all promising therapies.

Obama's "Peace" Partner Claims Credit: TEENAGE homicide bomber targeting police has killed at least 24 people in a bustling Pakistani town square

Obama's "Peace" Partner Claims Credit: TEENAGE homicide bomber targeting police has killed at least 24 people in a bustling Pakistani town square:
Fresh off of Obama's campaign stop in Ka-bull, his peace partners continue to make a complete jackass out of the jackass in chief. If you have to wonder if America will ever be able to recover after this President.
President Ka-bull
Teen suicide bomber kills 24  From: AFP  May (hat tip David) May 5, 2012
Pakistan market suicide bomb
Attack: The Taliban have claimed responsibility after a teenager blew himself up in a market in Pakistan, killing 24 people. Picture: AP AP
A TEENAGE suicide bomber targeting police has killed at least 24 people in a bustling Pakistani town square.
The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying it had wanted to kill the local chief and deputy of a tribal police force recruited by the government to help defeat the Islamist [sic] insurgency in the northwest.
Both died in the attack in Khar, the main town of Bajaur district, a tribal area near the Afghan border, after a bomber who intelligence officials said was aged 14 to 16 detonated explosives strapped to his chest.
Bajaur has been one of the toughest battlegrounds in Pakistan's fight against a northwestern Taliban insurgency. The military conducted major offensives there in 2008 and 2009 and has repeatedly declared it secure.
Yesterday's blast was the deadliest bombing in Pakistan since February 17, when 31 people were killed by a suicide attack on Shiite Muslims in the tribal district of Kurram.
"The death toll has risen to 24," said Islam Zeb, the administrative head of Bajaur tribal district. He had earlier said 20 people were killed.
Raids were later carried out in the surrounding areas of Khar and two men aged 17 and 18 were arrested and suicide jackets found, he said.
At least five policemen, including the local tribal police chief and his deputy, were among the dead and 46 people were wounded. Shops and a restaurant were destroyed.
Ehsanullah Ehsan, spokesman for the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility, saying that anyone involved in "activity" against the Taliban "will be treated with iron hands".
"Our attacks will continue until (US) drone strikes end," said Ehsan.
It was the third bomb attack in two days in Bajaur, after twin blasts killed five people - including pro-government elders and security personnel - on Thursday.
The violence highlights the insurgency in Pakistan at a time when Islamabad is under renewed US pressure crack down on militants based on its soil, such as the Haqqani network, blamed for a spectacular assault on Kabul last month.
According to an AFP tally, around 5000 people have been killed in attacks blamed on the Taliban and its allies since July 2007, when Pakistani troops raided an extremist mosque in Islamabad, sparking a bloody insurgency.
Documents released by the US on Thursday showed that former al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden had been unhappy with the Pakistani Taliban for killing civilians. Al-Qaida leaders wrote to its chief, Hakimullah Mehsud, urging him to change his ways, the papers showed.
Pakistan has also lost more than 3000 soldiers in the fight against homegrown insurgents but has resisted US pressure to do more to eliminate havens used by those fighting the Americans in Afghanistan.
The United States conducts a secretive drone war against Taliban and al-Qaida militants on Pakistani soil, despite increasingly vocal public denunciations from the government, which initially gave its tacit approval to the strikes.
Relations between Pakistan and the US have lapsed into stalemate since the covert American raid that killed bin Laden last May and US air strikes that inadvertently killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in November.
Pakistan has shut down NATO supply lines into Afghanistan and last month parliament approved new guidelines on relations with the United States, which included a call for an end to drone strikes.
It remains unclear whether the impasse with Washington can be solved before this month's NATO summit on Afghanistan in Chicago, to which Islamabad has been invited.

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NBC: Child tax credit fraud by ‘Illegals’ to continue while Obama in office

NBC: Child tax credit fraud by ‘Illegals’ to continue while Obama in office: By: Jeffrey Klein Political Buzz Examiner Yesterday we learned that American taxpayers are being robbed, as a result of the Obama IRS having sent $4.2 billion in “refund” checks to an estimated 2 million illegal immigrants who are working in the U.S. illegally, and have illegally claimed additional child tax credits for children, including nieces [...]

Black mob of three beats to death Marine and Iraq War Veteran : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

Black mob of three beats to death Marine and Iraq War Veteran : Fire Andrea Mitchell!

Obama’s Not-So-Hot Date With Wall Street -

Obama’s Not-So-Hot Date With Wall Street -

Leading U.S. Muslim jurist: Female genital mutilation an "honor" in Islam

Leading U.S. Muslim jurist: Female genital mutilation an "honor" in Islam:
“Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris." Sacred Islamic  Reliance: page 59, Umdat al-Salik  (“Reliance of the Traveler”), a manual of Islamic jurisprudence certified as "reliable" by Egypt's very own Al-Azhar University
But Obama's U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released this "fact sheet" about clitorectomies (female genital mutiliation.)
“Although many people believe that FGC is associated with Islam, it is not. FGC is not supported by any religion and is condemned by many religious leaders,”
“No religious text requires or even supports cutting female genitals. In fact, Islamic Shari'a protects children and protects their rights.”
Muslims in America are practicing clitorectomies.
At least some Muslims justify it based on religious freedom and, in at least one state in which anti-FGM legislation is currently working its way through the legislative process, one legislator reports receiving a phone call from a Muslim constituent urging her to oppose the legislation as ‘a conspiracy against the Muslim community.’ ”(more here.)
We syccessfully beat back and defeated a sharia compliant proposed  by the American Academy of Pediatrics to change a longstanding policy concerning the practice of clitorectomies in Islamic culture. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggested that American doctors be given permission to perform a ceremonial nick” on girls from Islamic countries.
Legislation has been bouncing for years, tell your state legislators and your congressman to support it: Legislation on Female Genital Mutilation in the United States
Fight back: Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance
How is it that Dr. Hatem al-Haj, a fellow at the American Academy of Pediatrics and a leading Muslim jurist, misunderstands Islamic law so severely as to think that this purely cultural practice has something to do with Islam? Surely it can't be that the mainstream media and Islamic leaders in the U.S. have been lying to us, and FGM really is justified in Islam, could it? Naaah.
"AMJA Senior Committee Member: Female Genital Mutilation Is 'an Honor' per Islam," from Translating Jihad, April 27 (thanks to all who sent this in):
A couple of weeks ago I posted a translation of a paper by Association of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) senior committee member Dr. Hatem al-Haj, PhD, MD, in which he warned American Muslims against working in law enforcement in our 'infidel' nation (see here for more details). Now in my latest translation, Dr. al-Haj explains why female circumcision is recommended and even 'an honor' for women....
Below is my excerpted translation of the 41-page Arabic-language paper by Dr. Hatem al-Haj entitled "Circumcision of Girls: Jurisprudence and Medicine" (see the original here and here):
The ruling on circumcision: Scholars have differed on the ruling on circumcision. They have agreed on its legitimacy for both sexes, but beyond that they have differed. Some--most famously the Shafi’ites--believe that it is obligatory for both sexes. Some believe it is obligatory for men only, and some believe it is recommended for both. At the very least it can be said that for women it is an honor, and for men it is sunnah [i.e. it is in accord with the tradition of Muhammad].
There are many hadiths on circumcision, some of which will be presented here along with the commentary of some scholars:
From Abi-Hurayra, who attributed it to the Prophet: “Five (acts of) al-fitrah [Islamic law or way of nature] are circumcision, shaving pubic hair, plucking armpit hair, trimming fingernails, and clipping the mustache.” Also from Abi-Hurayra: “The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Abraham was circumcised when he was 80 years old’.”’ Allah said: “So We have taught thee the inspired (Message), Follow the ways of Abraham the True in Faith” [Qur’an 16:123]. Also recorded in a hadith is the saying of (Muhammad) to a man who converted to Islam: “Remove your infidel hair and be circumcised.”
Muhammad also said regarding circumcision: “If you touch the two circumcisions, you must wash.” Here is evidence that women were circumcised, and therefore any of the hadiths on circumcision which do not specify men or women, can be assumed to apply to both.
From Sa’id bin Jabir: “Ibn ‘Abbas was asked, “How old were you when the Prophet (PBUH) died?" He replied, "At that time I had been circumcised. People (in those days) did not circumcise men until they reached puberty.” From the hadith of Umm ‘Atiyah--who used to circumcise girls--the Messenger of Allah said to her, “Reduce it, but do not remove too much, because it is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” This is the most explicit evidence in the hadiths of Muhammad for female circumcision being legitimate and even recommended. From Ibn ‘Abbas, attributing it to the Prophet: “Circumcision is sunnah for men and an honor for women.” This was narrated by al-Bayhaqi, and its attribution is weak.
Ibn al-Mundhir narrated from Abi-Barza: “We asked the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) about an uncircumcised man making pilgrimage to the Ka’aba. He replied, ‘No, not until he’s circumcised’.” This was considered a weak hadith by Ibn al-Mundhir and others.
There’s no doubt that among these hadiths there are those which are sound but do not explicitly command or urge women to become circumcised. There are also those which are met with disagreement by scholars, and these hadiths are more explicit in confirming the legitimacy of female circumcision. But the hadiths on the laws of al-fitrah which mention circumcision--and these are sound--do not mean that it is done on men only and not women. It is certain that circumcision includes both men and women, as is clearly stated in the hadith about touching the two circumcisions.
Below are words from scholars on the ruling on circumcision:
The Hanafis: Al-Zayla’i said: “The general ruling is that circumcision is sunnah, and is one of the trademarks of Islam. In fact, if the people of Egypt or some land decided to abandon its practice, the Imam would make war against them, for it cannot be abandoned except by necessity... Female circumcision is not sunnah, but it is an honor for men because it is more pleasing during sex” [ellipses in original].
The Malikites: From al-Kharshi’s brief summary of Khalil: “Its ruling (i.e. circumcision) is that it is sunnah for men, and it cuts off the foreskin. It is recommended for women, and is called khifad [reduction].”
The Shafi’ites: From [Asna al-Mutalib]: “Circumcision is obligatory (at puberty). The reasoning for this is the saying of the Almighty: “So We have taught thee the inspired (Message), Follow the ways of Abraham the True in Faith” [Qur’an 16:123]. In Abraham’s religion, circumcision was present. Also in the two Sahihs: “He was circumcised when he was eighty years old.” In Sahih Ibn Hibban, and in al-Hakim it was said 120 years, and it was also said 70 years. Also it was narrated by Abu-Dawud: “(The Prophet) (PBUH) ordered a man who converted to Islam to be circumcised.” They said that since he cut off a member which could not be replaced, it had to be obligatory like cutting off the hand. Since the man was injured during the process, he feared it. If it were not obligatory for him, then it would not have been permissible. This is unlike the circumcision of little boys, crazy people, and those who cannot endure it, because the first are too young to be required to do anything, and the last are harmed by it.” Al-Nawawi said in al-Majmu’: “Circumcision is obligatory for our men and women. This was stated by many of the salaf, as al-Khatabi relates. Ahmad was one of those who said it was obligatory. Malik and Abu-Hanifa said that it was sunnah for everyone. This was related by al-Rafi’i. He also related that (circumcision) is obligatory for men and sunnah for women. These were the two approaches of Shadhan, and of the sound and famous school of thought which was penned by al-Shafi’i, in which the multitude of scholars declared that circumcision is obligatory for men and women.”
The Hanbalis: From Ibn Muflih’s Furu’ [body of rules and regulations for man’s behavior]: “(According to Ahmad), circumcision is obligatory on all but women, for whom it is recommended. Our Shaykh said, ‘It is obligatory because cleanliness and prayer are obligatory’.” Ibn Qudama said: “Circumcision is a duty for men, and for women it is an honor, but it is not obligatory. This has been stated by many scholars.” Ahmad said: “The man is more difficult, because if the man is not circumcised, then the skin dangles over the [penis] and cannot be cleaned. But the woman is easier.”
The al-Mawsu’a al-Fiqhia (“The Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence”) summarizes scholars’ opinions on circumcision as follows:
“The ruling on circumcision: Scholars differ on circumcision as follows: First, the Hanafis and Malikites--and very rarely the Shafi’ites--hold to the opinion of what Ahmad said, that circumcision is sunnah for men but not a duty. It is one of the acts of al-fitrah, and one of the rituals of Islam. If the people of a particular land decided together to abandon its practice, the Imam would make war against them, just like if they abandoned the call to prayer. This also represents what the Malikites think about circumcision of women. Hanafis and Hanbalis consider female circumcision to be an honor and not sunnah. It is said by some Hanafis that it is also sunnah for [women], and some say that it is recommended. … Second, the Shafi’ites and Hanbalis, as is also stated by Sahnoun from the Malikites, believe that circumcision is a duty for both men and women. … Third, this is written by Ibn Qudama in al-Mughni, that circumcision is a duty for men, and for women it is an honor but not a duty” [ellipses in original].
It appears that for male circumcision the most correct view is that it is obligatory, owing to the saying of Muhammad to the man who converted to Islam: “Remove your infidel hair and be circumcised.” This was obligatory--there was no alternative.
Regarding women, perhaps the most correct view is that it is recommended, however there is consensus that it is (at least) legitimate. Muhammad also endorsed it, as was narrated in the hadith of Umm ‘Atiyah, who used to circumcise girls. He said to her: “Reduce it, but do not remove too much, because it is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” He also said, “If you touch the two circumcisions, you must wash.” This shows that female circumcision was prevalent during his day, and he did not repudiate it. Nor did he stipulate anything else regarding female circumcision.
Perhaps the saying that it is (only) recommended is due to the pain women must go through to carry out the acts of al-fitrah, such as circumcision, as stated in the sound hadith. But as we mentioned, this is not evidence of it being confined only to men. The term circumcision was used for both men and women during Muhammad’s time. But it is clear that performing circumcision must be preferable to not performing it, especially when one considers that circumcision includes both pain and revealing one’s nakedness. Thus if there was no benefit to it, the Messenger of Allah would not have agreed to it. However there is still no evidence for making it obligatory. The fact that the Messenger of Allah agreed to it despite the pain and discovering one’s nakedness is not evidence for making it obligatory. Instead, this is evidence for preferring the action over not doing it, as we stated. (Muhammad’s) command to Umm ‘Atiyah is not a command to all women to (be circumcised), but rather he was regulating its practice. He was not telling her not to do it, he was telling her not to go too far and injure the women.
His command to the man who converted to Islam does not apply to women. Even though the principle is that “women are men’s sisters”, and women are often included when addressing men and vice versa, that only applies when there is no reason to differentiate between them. Here the issue is different for men and women. The man’s foreskin could trap urine at the end of it and affect his cleanliness. The issue is not the same for women. Therefore it is appropriate for this to be stressed more for men, and this is apparent in the words of scholars and the works of the ummah.
I have summed up the words of Muhammad and of scholars to show that circumcision is legitimate, and that the principal issue in the study is the limits of circumcision.

Good 9 minute vid about how Koran is presently only about 38% original material, rest "abrogated" (rewritten) in more recent times (Bare Naked Islam)

» ABROGATION: A guaranteed discussion-killer for anyone who tries to tell you that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ Bare Naked Islam

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Borderland Beat: Bloody Sinaloa: 24 more die

Borderland Beat: Bloody Sinaloa: 24 more die

CNN Transcript: Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng -

CNN Transcript: Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng -

New Political Ad Skewers Obama’s Bin Laden Boast

New Political Ad Skewers Obama’s Bin Laden Boast:
This is a very effective ad by a group called Veterans for a Strong America that scrambles the music behind President Obama’s Bin Laden Death Victory Dance.
I’m not exactly sure what this group is or who is funding them, but if they continue to produce ads like this, they’re going to be a serious problem for the Obama campaign. The ad is both timely and extremely well done.
John Hudson at The Atlantic is already charging that this is the beginning of the “Swift Boating” of Barack Obama. This implies not only that there’s a lot of money behind it, but that there’s something unfair about it. If that’s so, I’d like to know what it is.

H/T to Nice Deb

Spate of attacks on unveiled women in Yemen | Vlad Tepes

Spate of attacks on unveiled women in Yemen | Vlad Tepes

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Will Sweden abolish the concept of gender? [Linguistics]

Will Sweden abolish the concept of gender? [Linguistics]:
Sweden, it would seem, is doing its darndest to abolish the idea of gender. Their latest effort comes with the introduction of a new gender-netural pronoun, called "hen." But while some see it as a huge victory in the struggle to achieve gender equality, others see it as yet another imposition brought on by the political correctness police. More »

Obama’s New Nomenklatura

Obama’s New Nomenklatura:
Socialism is a rich man’s game.
Oh, sure, random overheated (sometimes impoverished) Occupiers agitate for their version of economic equality, possibly gumming up the works at the Lincoln Tunnel, but the real financial justice action comes from the wealthy – or so it would seem.
And I’m not just talking about Hollywood, where George Clooney is full steam ahead on a putative record-breaking ten million dollar fundraiser for Barack Obama, or the laughably meretricious theatrics of the “Buffett Tax” that no one would pay anyway, but across the nation.
According to a book about to be released, The Rise of the President’s Permanent Campaign by Brendan J. Doherty, Obama has held more fundraisers than all presidents since Nixon combined.
What does this have to do with socialism?  A lot, really, because what Obama promises – especially in his second term — is a socialism of permanent elites, a kind of new, very American, version of the old Soviet-style nomenklatura. And those who are in it will get to stay in it (via government support) as social mobility, aka the American Dream, diminishes or disappears.
This was what socialism ultimately was all about, indeed is all about, the preservation of nomenklaturas, whether of Hollywood, the media, union, and bureaucratic leadership or what remains of selected industry. Keep hoi polloi out.
All those fundraisers and bundlers, from Clooney to the considerably more anonymous, know this on one level or another. It’s certainly not subtle and those too clueless to understand were reminded by the recent quasi-blacklisting of potential Romney supporters. A warning shot was fired. No elite status for them.
Being part of this new nomenklatura is particularly crucial in hard times and even more so in hard times that look to be long-lasting and possibly permanent.
Seemingly disastrous undertakings, like the overweening government support of the feckless solar company Solyndra, therefore can actually have what would appear to be a reverse effect, reassuring elites that they will be protected, even cosseted, in their most irrational enterprises. Just stay on the team and all will be well.