Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You want to follow this blog, it's AWESOME!! (Charleston Thug Life) Stat Stuff

I  think Denver needs one of these:

Stat Stuff: Charleston Thug Life cleared three-hundred-thousand (300,000) hits as of midnight Tuesday. We are finding links from real estate forums, gun owner forums, parenting forums, and even some obscure gang related forums. We found that last one interesting. Dem jokey bangaz be watching us.

Reaction to the blog has been largely positive. The negative reaction is minuscule and has been predictable. The writer of the Charleston City Paper column even walked back his reaction by commenting on his own article after he got slammed with positive comments about the blog. Google stats tell us that CCP had more web traffic in one day as a result of this blog than they normally get in a month. Your welcome CCP!

Those who don't want this information brought into the light followed a predictable path. The first line of attack was screaming "RACIST" as loudly as possible. As we all know, this accusation once caused people to fold and walk away. This no longer works. The citizens of this country are tired of it. We have, however, found some problems in the reaction to the blog.

People across the country, and even in the socialist welfare state known as the United Kingdom, have repeatedly referred to these blog writers as "cracka asshole", "dude's a cracka...", and endless other variations. Racist and sexist all. The female members of the team are demanding equality and might bring the ACLU in to remedy the discrimination problem. We have been trying to talk them down, but you know the old saying about a woman scorned. Other members of the team really don't give a damn as long as the work is appreciated and the reader continues to see a value in it.

When screaming "racist" didn't work, those who seek to protect the criminals profiled here resorted to calling in the street lawyers. "You are violating Facebook policy....." Ha! We are constantly on the alert for those Facebook police skulking around. Right. Folks, let us lay it out very simply.

Charleston Thug Life is basically a non-government subsidized welfare agency that specializes in assisting drug dealers, jackboys, and gang-bangers publicize their businesses. They obviously want to advertise their activities and increase their customer base, much like a normal small business. Unfortunately, they are limited to the several hundred, maybe a thousand friends on their lists. CTL steps in and provides our own special advertising assistance and our clients are now getting worldwide exposure for their ventures.

Not one of our client base has taken the time to thank us and we very forlorn over that omission. We will get past it, though.