Monday, April 2, 2012

Wow, That’s Some Expensive Health Care

Wow, That’s Some Expensive Health Care:
Well smack my bottom and call me Shecky! Obamacare is actually going to drive prices higher instead of lower. Who could possibly have guessed?

Range of impact on insurance carriers.
Ben Domenech

Note here who is going to absorb the lion’s share of the cost hikes. In a world where market forces helped set the cost of your health insurance, individual cost would be lower because individuals would be the consumers. In Obamacare, as in the system we have now, individuals — that’s you, by the way — are costs. Your health insurance company will only need to deal with you when they’re paying money out on your behalf. You will still have no power to decide what you will and will not pay for your care nor with whom you do business. You will get a government-mandated policy with a government-mandated cost that provides government-mandated (or government-permitted) care.
And you will have no say in any of that. You will get what the bureaucracy gives you and pay what it tells you to pay because that’s what government-run health care does.