Saturday, April 28, 2012

Robert Edward Kimble - Hays State Prison

Robert Edward Kimble - Hays State Prison: Our next inmate is a guest of the Georgia taxpayers at Hays State Prison. Meet "Bam Kimble", real name Robert Edward Kimble. This guy is the most prolific prison poster on Facebook we have seen yet. He has photos of himself getting tattoos and smoking pot. A lot of photos.

Latest post from this past Thursday, April 26th:

This one seems a bit gay, but hey, to each his own.

And a few other examples. For you Georgia prison investigators not yet familiar with Charleston Thug Life, we not only provide you a link to the inmate's page, but we also include posting dates on all of our screen captures. Have fun!

Once again - contact info for Hays State Prison. We TRIED to send them a note via their contact form, but it wasn't very cooperative. Feel free to give them a call.

On to the next one Charleston Thug Lifers!!!