Thursday, April 5, 2012

Repressive Tolerance Alert! Arby’s Responds to the Left, Ignores and Blocks the Right

Repressive Tolerance Alert! Arby’s Responds to the Left, Ignores and Blocks the Right:
Oh, repressive tolerance. You crafty minx you. The idea that allows and accepts movements from the political Left (and therefore excuses any bad behavior BY the Left), while simultaneously decrying and deriding any simliar movement from the Right. Awhile back, it was Rush Limbaugh and his comments over Sandra Fluke, which was construed as a massive act of misogyny and so on and so forth, even though the men of the Left are arguably, much more misogynistic (SEE : Bill Maher).
This week’s Repressive Tolerance Alert comes to us from Arby’s, those peddlers of mildly edible food. On April 4, they responded to pressure from the Left to disassociate themselves once again, from Rush Limbaugh. Here’s how Arby’s responded to the Left’s concerns over the “evil” Rush Limbaugh:

Funny that! Four tweets and they’re all over it, trying to reassure our lovely friends on the Left that in no way do they associate themselves with Limbaugh. But when the Right takes the time to criticize Arby’s, instead of interaction, Arby’s blocks it’s critics from the Right. Here’s a tweet that I sent to Arby’s, without receiving a response, but instead, a block :

Here are a few other people from the Right who wanted to share their disapproval of Arby’s apparent cave to some annoying Lefties.

A response from user Yank in Georgia, who's tweet can be seen above
So there you have it my friends. Whiny lefties are deserving of a response, while critical folks from the Right are blocked. I think it’s safe to say A LOT less people will be enjoying Arby’s supposedly “Good Mood Food” in the foreseeable future. Whoops!