Monday, April 16, 2012

Puke alert: Local news site shilling for Obamacare >:[

I post these comments that I place under items on a local news site as the trolls on that site regularly flag my comments for deletion.  This news site has started carrying these pro-Obama CNN articles that are disgusting in the extreme.

Once again, let me point out:  SOMEBODY GOT PAID TO WRITE THIS.  It's an advertisement for Obamacare, plain and simple.  It's not news.  It's not even REAL.  And they dare to insinuate that the SCOTUS is in the wrong here, siding with Dear Leader, of course.  

"But in a matter of months, the millions of 20-somethings that have enjoyed health insurance through this provision of the health reform law, may abruptly lose it. The Affordable Care Act, which is slated to be fully implemented by 2014, is currently under review by the U.S. Supreme Court."

Yeah, so all you "20-somethings" go out there and raise a huge stink to scare any taxpayers who might have a problem with this into jumping back on the wagon.  

I know lots of people who are out of work right now, including families who have small kids, who, because of OBAMA'S DEPRESSION are jobless and unable to pay for health care for themselves and their dependents.  But for some reason we're supposed to get all upset because a bunch of college students can't afford great health insurance policies....?  wtf??  

And you who read this, who might be out of work and out of unemployment benefits in this sh1tty economy, when you read this sort of tripe on a supposed "news" service, and realize that some hack got paid a handsome sum of money for writing this propaganda piece:  Doesn't that kinda p1ss you off?  

CNN must be trying to incite a riot or something, so they'll have something to write about.  That seems to be the only explanation.
But instead of getting all angry at the stupid college students -- they'll figure it out sooner or later, just give them time -- a better project would be getting the news service to STOP RUNNING THIS DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA.  

Here's the "contact us" link: for The Denver Channel.  It's time for decent people to stop eating their hearts out about this atrocity and make your opinions known in a constructive manner. 

News services need to be instructed that they should stick to reporting the news in the "news" section and label opinion pieces as such.