Saturday, April 7, 2012

Poor (Deceased Thug) Troy Davis!

This post will probably disappear pretty quickly from under the linked news article.

WHAT THE HELL???  This guy SHOT A COP.  Why is he getting these tearful post-mortem tributes?  He was found guilty; he SHOULD have been found guilty, the evidence against him was overwhelming.  There were witnesses.  

Readers -- this is what the mainstream news media are trying to do to you:  They're trying to make you believe that these thugs and gangsters are just simple, innocent guys who have been misunderstood.  When they kill each other, hardly anybody notices it unless one of them happens to be a rich celebrity.  When they kill law enforcement officers, everyone starts yelling about how they are innocent in the face of overwhelming evidence.  

When they lose their lives in the pursuit of their thug religion, everyone is supposed to cry and grieve about how poor little thug was such a wonderful person -- in spite of the fact that he went around beating, terrorizing, and robbing people when he was alive. 

On the other end of the spectrum we have our socialist "Occupee" friends fanning the flames of cop hatred and saying, "See?  You can't trust any of these guys, look what they're doing to us!!  All we did was vandalize a bunch of businesses, rape a few women, and destroy a lot of private property, and they're PEPPER-SPRAYING US!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!"

So here's the message we're getting:  We are not to pay attention, we are supposed to look the other way when thugs go around robbing and killing people, because "that's their culture." We are not supposed to call the police, even if our very lives are in danger, because "police can't be trusted."  We are not to even think of defending ourselves; only thugs like Troy Davis are allowed to use guns.  

Wake up, people.  What is the real message here?  Not that the court system condemned an innocent man to death, but that we are no longer to put any faith in our courts or our law enforcement.  Do you think that the majorly overpaid hacks who write these stories are even thinking about the possible (I would say INEVITABLE) bloodshed and chaos that will occur when these seeds they are sowing bear their fruits of war and terror? 

In their haste to promote the liberal agenda at all costs, these liberal media hacks sow the seeds of their own destruction.