Friday, April 13, 2012

India Muslims Attack Christians, Several Injured

India Muslims Attack Christians, Several Injured:
Why is everyone silent and/or fearful to speak out against the relentless brutal beatings, persecution and murder of "unbelievers" by Muslims. Every single day I report on ethnic cleansing, subjugation, jihadi attacks, church burnings, Christians targeted, Jews targeted, Hindus etc and there is nothing but complicit silence by the media. And when a slaughter is too big to ignore, the media obsesses and warns of an impending (non-existent) "backlashophobia."
It is depraved and morally repugnant. Good people must fight these forces of evil.
Thanks to David W for sending this in, "Can you imagine the uproar if this were to happen to Muslims in The West, in London or New York? Not to mention the even more monstrous crimes of murders, abductions, rapes, and forced conversions of those of other faiths? Yet the western media remains stunningly and pathetically silent, and thereby COMPLICIT, in these crimes, and much more..."
India Muslim Militants Attack Christians, Several Injured
CALCUTTA, INDIA (Worthy News)– Christians in India's eastern West Bengal state were recovering of their injuries Thursday, April 12, after Muslim militants broke up a prayer meeting and beat up believers, including women, local police and Christians said.
The March 30 attack in the village of Nutangram in Murshidabad district involved "about 100 Muslim radicals" led by Muslim leader Mohammed Aanu Shaike, local Christians explained.
There was no immediate reaction from the leader and no group claimed responsibility for the attack.
The Muslim mob allegedly "barged into the prayer meeting" at the home of a Christian and verbally abused them and mercilessly beat up the Christians including women."
Muslim women were also provoked to beat up Christian women, witnesses said. The Muslims reportedly chased the Christians, including children, with a knives, threatening to murder them all.

Christians were seen "running for their lives including children who were crying in fear but they were stopped at every corner by radicals who kicked, pushed and verbally abused them," added Christians, who did not want to be identified.
Some 500 Muslims allegedly watched the scene "in amusement" as the Christians were chased around for about one and a half hour, injuring some Christians.