Sunday, April 8, 2012

Defeating Obama: Mission Not Impossible

Defeating Obama: Mission Not Impossible:
As the Republican primary process winds down, I continually remind people to not lose sight of the mission – namely, to win control of both the House and the Senate, and defeat President Obama in November.
But there are many conservative skeptics who do not believe we can defeat President Obama. Listen up! We can defeat President Obama. Keep reading and learn how.
Even if your favorite candidate does not get the nomination to represent the Republican Party, get over it! My favorite candidate (me) is no longer in the race either, but I am going to support the Republican nominee and the down-ticket Republican candidates as much as I can to replace the arrogance of Democrats in control of our nation.
Republicans have their faults too, but they do not arrogantly pass legislation against the will of the people, exponentially increase the national debt, ignore the need for annual federal budgets, call failed economic policies a recovery and waste billions of taxpayers’ money on failed green energy businesses, gut our military and compromise our nuclear weapons program.
Oh! Let’s not forget cutting our space program so we have to “thumb” a ride to the space station with the Russians. Or how about the president trying to intimidate the Supreme Court into not overturning Obamacare? This list could go on and on and on.
If you like Obama’s policies of class warfare and spending on steroids, and the Democrats’ mishandling of our national affairs, then do nothing or stay home on Election Day. If not, here’s how we win.
Stay informed. The Obama administration has already turned up the propaganda machine. The clueless 50 percent of voters will fall for it hook, line and sinker. Even worse, most of the mainstream media are their accomplices in promoting “things are much better than they look, and never mind the failed programs and money wasted on loser companies.”
We are not going to save all liberals from their blind ignorance of the facts. But when you do encounter an open-minded independent or a disgruntled Democrat, be knowledgeable of the facts. Such as: The real unemployment rate is closer to 15 percent if you count all of the unemployed and the under-employed. The national debt has increased 50 percent during Obama’s first three years, and his 10-year budget proposal would have increased the debt another 75 percent.
What part of financial disaster don’t they understand?!
Stay involved. If you do nothing, we lose. Everybody who wants Obama out of the White House can do something to further the mission. Make sure you vote in the primaries and the general election. Volunteer for a conservative candidate a few hours a week. Stay active in a citizens’ activist group if you are already involved. If not, join
Stay inspired. The mainstream media and the liberals want you to believe President Obama can’t be defeated. Yes he can! But it will not be easy. We must inspire conservatives, people of faith, the youth vote, independents and disgruntled Democrats in order to win in November. They must be inspired with solutions, not more political rhetoric.
The 9-9-9 Economic Growth and Jobs Plan is something people are excited about. That’s why I am having a “Revolution on the Hill” April 15 and 16 in D.C.
Be there!
The mission to defeat President Obama and the Democrats is not impossible, but it will not be easy. If we give up, then we lose.
If we fight hard, then we can win. Let’s win!

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