Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Before I forget (isn't that a great song, btw? video included just for fun): Leftist troll put-down #209; more tuberculosis in Colorado schools (this time DU)

They're my boys!  :D


Anyway, moving along, I have a troll put-down from today; trolls were dissing Wal-Mart for providing 400 jobs in Denver and Colorado.  The next one is about TB cases in "immigrant" students at Denver University -- the nation of emigration was not given, of course. :-\

(trolls dissing Wal-Mart) 
I like how everybody feels so extremely safe and comfortable in sneering at a company providing 400 jobs in the local area.   
Because we're all rich anyway and we would never work for cheap wages like Wal-Mart pays!  We're also snobs:  We don't buy "cheap crap" that is sold at Wal Mart and we diss anyone who buys anything there, because that's where those disgusting poor people shop!  Poor people are gross!!   
We progressives want our "mom and pop stores" back like in the old days!  (The person who says that is hoping you're stupid, so you won't realize what actually drove the "mom and pop stores" out of business in the first place, i.e., increased government control that that drives small businesses out and favors consolidated "super businesses" controlled by labor unions.)  
I can see why the idea of things staying the same "just like in the good old days" is so appealing to the neo-socialist trolls who hang around this site all day long:  In the good old days being a hippie was a declaration of one being AGAINST big government; just look like a hippie and you must be anti-Big Brother, right?  The average person hasn't quite caught up to the concept yet that now hippies are actually the ones pushing government on us and yelping for increased government control -- making it look like they're sticking up for "the little guy," like you're going to keep believing that cynical crap.
There's one thing that you shouldn't buy, whoever it is reading these comments, and that's that the neo-socialists care about you and whether you have work, property, security, and a roof over your head.  
(Denver University immigrant students tested for TB)

"School officials refused to disclose the student's home country but the students who were selected for testing came from that country." 
Because it would be discriminatory to warn healthy students that they were in danger of catching a deadly disease.   
Look for this problem to become more widespread over time, especially in the public elementary school setting and kindergarten.  Look for parents' concerns to be largely shunted aside, as is indicated in this article:  "Everybody relax, it was just one student, everything's contained; TB is really hard to catch, yadda yadda, move along, nothing to see here."  
If TB is so hard to catch, why was there such a stink about that one dude getting on a plane with an active case of TB that one time?  Do you remember that?  People were going to sue him, wanted for him to be jailed, etc.  
If you have kids in public school or college:  You're being lied to and used.  Not only are you taxed an extra amount for the privilege of having your kids attend college with other kids who have contagious, potentially deadly diseases, but if your kid gets sick the school's going to absolve itself of all responsibility for it by saying that you were warned, and that they "took the appropriate measures." 
If I had kids -- thank goodness I don't, but on the other hand I STILL have to pay taxes for public schools just like everybody else -- I would be hella p*ssed.