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You gotta watch this (short vid from Illuminati; For The Record 2012) Suckas Of The Day

Suckas Of The Day:

If any of you know young people still caught up in the Kony2012 fad, share this video with them. If they’re still Konies, can you say “lost cause”? Then again, you probably already knew that.

Santorum: Obama Will ‘Destroy’ Romney Over Romneycare

Santorum: Obama Will ‘Destroy’ Romney Over Romneycare

7 Teens Charged With Hate Crimes After Beating A 15-Year-Old Boy

7 Teens Charged With Hate Crimes After Beating A 15-Year-Old Boy: Did I mention the 7 teens are black and the victim is Hispanic? (The media hasn't mentioned if the victim was a "white" Hispanic.) From The March 14 beating in Palmdale was captured on video and posted on YouTube,...

Limbaugh speech controversy hits higher ed

Limbaugh speech controversy hits higher ed:
The University of North Carolina is being accused of having a double standard for speech – because of its crackdown on references to talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh over his negative reference to a woman who was lobbying Congress for her own free contraceptives.
At the same time, university interests were paying more than $18,000 for a speaker who has a long history of blasting Christians and their beliefs in seriously negative ways.
The school recently decided to ban the Tar Heels Sports Network from affiliating with Limbaugh. It was on March 6 when the university issued orders to two Raleigh radio stations that carry the Limbaugh program to stop mentioning “Rush Radio” and “Carolina Sports” together.
“The university, citing Rush’s ‘rude, inappropriate and offensive statements’ about [Sandra] Fluke, also prohibits WRDU from referencing UNC or the Tar Heel Sports Network during Limbaugh’s daily talk show,” charged officials with Americans for Truth.
Limbaugh’s comments came on the heels of Fluke’s testimony before Congress regarding the Obamacare mandate for employer-paid contraception gained national attention, and an apology from the radio host.
But the university also recently paid a large sum to homosexual activist and host of MTV’s Savage U Dan Savage to speak on campus, said Peter LaBarbera, chief of Americans for Truth.
The organization described it as a double standard.
Michael McFarland, of the university relations office, told WND in an email, “We do not affiliate with or endorse any radio personality or politician, so we asked the local station to end the practice of referencing the Tar Heel Sports Network or the university’s name while promoting the Rush Limbaugh program and vice versa.”
He said, “They agreed. … That is simply to avoid the appearance of a university endorsement of a radio personality.”
And Associate Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions Rick Steinbacher told WND that the two radio stations have agreed to limit their station identifying announcement at the top of every hour to a more generic “call letter” or “radio frequency,” rather than for example saying, “You’re listening to Carolina sports on Rush Radio.”
The programming director did not return WND phone calls.
WND asked Steinbacher if all 50 radio affiliates have been given similar instructions, and he said, “It’s not a standard we apply to all 50 stations.”
“We haven’t called all of them. There’s not an issue with the other stations,” he said.
Jane Brown, UNC journalism and mass communications professor, told the of her desire to see the university completely disassociate itself from the radio station, saying, “I wish we were not on Rush Radio at all.”
“We give Rush credence and credibility by being associated with him.”
“We stand for civil discourse and pursuit of the truth,” she said. “We should not associate with those who do not hold similar values.”
WND contacted Brown to ask about her comments to the Dailytarheel and how she feels about Dan Savage being paid by the university to speak. Her only response was about “Rush Radio.”
“I’m satisfied with the compromise position of no cross-promotion. I trust we will hold the radio stations to the agreement,” she told WND.
But AFTAH wants the university to explain how officials can justify a ban on Rush Limbaugh, after just weeks ago, “paying $18,500 to homosexual activist and cyberbully, Dan Savage, creator of a vile hate-site that redefines Rick Santorum’s last name as the by-product of anal sex – to be a guest speaker.”
The group has written UNC-Chapel Hill officials asking for an explanation on why Savage, “who once wished death on all Republicans and who regularly and crudely demonizes religious conservatives is welcome on campus, but the local ‘Rush Radio’ affiliate isn’t allowed to even mention the college.”
AFTAH also asked UNC to repudiate Savage for his “offensive statements,” and invite a pro-family speaker to campus specifically to balance his appearance.
AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera said that Rush quickly apologized for his remarks regarding Fluke and her testimony before Congress about the Obamacare mandate on contraceptives, yet Savage is known for making far more degrading comments, unapologetically.
LaBarbera offers several examples of Savages perspective:
  • Savage said on HBO that “he wished all republicans were f—ing dead.” (He later apologized.
  • Savage’s creation “Santorum[dot] com” (and “SpreadingSantorum[dot]com”) “re-define” Santorum’s surname as follows: “San-TOR-um, n. The frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”
  • In contrast to Limbaugh, who quickly apologized for his remarks about Fluke, when LaBarbera asked Savage to take down “Santorum[dot]com,” Savage replied, “I’m asking Peter LaBarbera to go f— himself.”
When asked about AFTAH’s position that the university holds different viewpoints on different celebrities, university spokesman Mike McFarland told WND that the Rush Limbaugh issue and Dan Savage speaking on campus are different.
“Savage was invited by students through the Carolina Union Activities Board,” he told WND.
“Student Congress determines how to allocate student fees, and the student-run Carolina Union Activities Board decides how they use their allocation to bring speakers like Mr. Savage to campus,” he said.
“The university does not impose restrictions about who may be invited to speak at the university based on their viewpoints.”
McFarland went on to tell WND that Karl Rove was invited to speak on campus a few years ago by the College Republicans, as was Herman Cain earlier this month.
Online resources describe Savage as the “subject of controversy regarding some of his opinions that pointedly clash with cultural conservatives…”
And LaBarbera says Dan Savage is no Karl Rove.
“He’s not even a ‘fill-in-the-blank’ liberal. He’s a hatemonger that uses terrorist tactics to get his point across, and the university owes everyone an apology,” LaBarbera says.

APOD: 2012 March 31 - Paris by Night

APOD: 2012 March 31 - Paris by Night

RTV video of the aftermath of the Muslim attack on the true religion of peace | Vlad Tepes

RTV video of the aftermath of the Muslim attack on the true religion of peace | Vlad Tepes

Probe reveals New Black Panther ties to Hezbollah - National Conservative |

Probe reveals New Black Panther ties to Hezbollah - National Conservative |

Texas Nightclub Owners Arrested Sent Money To Hezbollah-Linked Relative In Lebanon

Texas Nightclub Owners Arrested Sent Money To Hezbollah-Linked Relative In Lebanon:
CreepingSharia   – Drug deals. Weapons purchases. Ties to a prison gang and a militant Islamic group and even a potential link to an unsolved homicide.
That was the list of allegations federal officials laid out against an Austin nightclub owner and nine of his associates in a dramatic hearing Tuesday.
Arrested last week on money laundering and drug charges, Yassine Enterprises owner Hussein Ali “Mike” Yassine, his brother, Mohammed Ali “Steve” Yassine, and eight others appeared in federal court and heard more details about the cases against them.
Mike Yassine, who owns eight Austin nightclubs, and the other suspects in the case face a variety of charges. Some are accused of cocaine distribution, purchases of guns to be used during drug deals and money laundering dating back to 2007.
Officials linked one suspect to the Texas Syndicate prison gang. They also said thousands of dollars were transferred to a Yassine relative in Lebanon who is reportedly connected to the militant group Hezbollah, considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. government.
Prosecutors for the first time also revealed that Mike Yassine is a “person of interest” in a case being investigated by the Austin Police Department’s homicide cold case unit. Austin police declined to provide additional details Tuesday, including the name of the alleged victim.
Mike Yassine might have also threatened witnesses, officials said, and is being investigated as part of a sexual assault case.
Judge Dennis Green denied bail for Mike Yassine and Steve Yassine. Bail for four others — including a third Yassine brother, Hadi Ali Yassine — ranged from $10,000 to $25,000. Bail rulings for the other suspects will be made at a later date, officials said.
Outside the courtroom on Tuesday, their father, Ali Yassine, said his sons are not guilty of the charges against them. “My boys … everybody’s innocent,” he said. “They’re very good boys.”
Also charged in the case are Marisse Marthe “Madi” Ruales, Karim Faiq, Alejandro “Cueta” Melendrez, Edgar Orsini, Nizar “Nino” Hakiki, Amar Thabet Araf and Sami Derder, all Central Texas residents who authorities say have various levels of involvement with the purported crimes.
During raids on the suspects’ homes and businesses last week, investigators said they seized more than 400 boxes of evidence.
They also report finding $200,000 in cash in a safe at the Yassine Enterprises offices on West Fourth Street, as well as cashier’s checks totaling $45,000 made out to a member of the Yassine family in Lebanon. That man is associated with Hezbollah, IRS agent James Neff testified.
The searches also turned up a bogus University of Texas diploma with Mike Yassine’s name, prosecutors said.
The American-Statesman has learned that businesses linked to Mike Yassine currently owe almost $600,000 in state sales and mixed-beverage taxes. His bank accounts have been frozen by the state comptroller’s office, his attorney said in court.
Yassine Enterprises, owns eight Austin bars: Pure, Spill, Kiss & Fly, Treasure Island, Hyde, Fuel, Malaia and Roial. They’ve remained closed since last week’s arrests and, officials said, will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future after the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission obtained a court order that blocks all eight nightclubs from selling or serving alcohol.
Mike Yassine is also part owner of Stack Burger Bar, which is still open for business. Its liquor license remains intact, according to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Great image: Progressive Mobs Rally for Trayvon

Progressive Mobs Rally for Trayvon: Mob justice.

At Twitchy, "Many Rallies Taking Place Honoring Trayvon."

And at Orlando Sentinel, "Al Sharpton: Civil disobedience will escalate if Zimmerman remains free." (Via Memeorandum.) Also, "Trayvon Martin march draws thousands to Sanford."

Plus, at Los Angeles Times, "Trayvon Martin marchers: 'We want an arrest. Shot in the chest'."

Image Credit: iOWNTHEWORLD.

2 Dead and 14 Shot In Mass North Miami Shooting (Video)

2 Dead and 14 Shot In Mass North Miami Shooting (Video):
Fourteen people were shot last night including a 5 year-old girl and 2 are dead following a mass shooting outside a funeral home in North Miami.
WSVN reported:

CBS Local reported:
Fourteen people have been shot and two are dead in what may be one of the worst mass shootings in South Florida history.
The shooting took place around 9:30 p.m. outside the Funeraria Latina Emanuel funeral home at 14990 W. Dixie Highway Friday night.
One person died on the scene while another died at the hospital. Their names have not been released.
A 5-year-old girl was shot in the leg and hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital along with eleven other victims. The girl is listed in stable condition.
Aventura Police Sgt. Chris Goranitis told CBS4 News the funeral was for 21-year-old Morvin Andre who died on March 16th, one day after he jumped from the 4th to 2nd floor of the Aventura Mall parking garage in an effort to escape pursuit by Bloomingdale’s loss prevention employees.
The Medical Examiner ruled his death a suicide because he chose to jump rather than be apprehended, according to Goranitis.
Al and Jesse were already protesting the Trayvon shooting to give this mass shooting by black youths across town much notice.

Pakistan City Shut Down Amidst Violence - War On Terror News

Pakistan City Shut Down Amidst Violence - War On Terror News

» Muslim terrorists set off bombs in southern Thailand, killing 14, wounding 341 Bare Naked Islam

» Muslim terrorists set off bombs in southern Thailand, killing 14, wounding 341 Bare Naked Islam

Hate-Spewing Language of the Left

Hate-Spewing Language of the Left: At the video, Sean Hannity interviews Michelle Malkin on the left's response to Dick Cheney's heart transplant.

And see John Hawkins, at Right Wing News, "The Left’s War On Women: A Day In The Life Of Michelle Malkin On Twitter (Explicit Language)."

It's scapegoat season

My comment under article on a local news site about the intensifying furor over the Trayvon Martin shooting; a site where my comments are, a lot of the time, deleted, so I reproduce them here.

It's scapegoat season.  The "Fast and Furious" ATF scandal (300 dead now and counting, most of them Mexican citizens) was the warm-up and now this is supposed to be the knock-out punch.  Obie and Hildog have been promising our "friends" (I apply that term with the utmost sarcasm) at the "United Nations" (should be "United Against America Nations") that they would be stripping us taxpaying citizens of our 2nd Amendment rights along about now, with the next step being to make sure none of us is able to obtain a firearm for self-defense.  

Since "Fast and Furious" was likely fashion ditz Valerie Jarrett's idea, it didn't work -- although in terms of a body count, the results were of course spectacular. 

This current fiasco, even with its corrupt underside hanging out for all to see, seems like it stands a better chance for success.
I know that gun sales in the US have been astronomical this year; they have in fact been increasing every year for about the last 4 years.  (Hmm....)  Ruger, the firearms manufacturer, suspended orders for this fiscal quarter because they could not keep up with the demand.  

If you value your right as a free citizen to legally keep a firearm for your own defense, it's not enough to sit on the sidelines and hope the situation settles down pretty soon; stay up-to-date on the issues and vote in your best interests, for whoever will work to maintain your rights.  Stay in touch with your Congress things to make sure they know how you feel. 

Do you think any of this is really about poor little Trayvon?  Don't be fooled.  I feel sorry for the stupid kid and his family, don't get me wrong.  But he's no more a martyr than our President is a messiah. 

Eye On The World: Mexico: Woman and 2 boys killed as human sacrifices for Santa Muerte

Eye On The World: Mexico: Woman and 2 boys killed as human sacrifices for Santa Muerte

The Gateway Pundit | Where Hope Made a Comeback

The Gateway Pundit | Where Hope Made a Comeback

Kevin Scholla: Help our friend Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch | SarahNET

Kevin Scholla: Help our friend Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin, Rebecca Kleefisch | SarahNET

Eye On The World: Arab Spring: Libya gets ready for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of indigenous black tribe by Arab tribesmen

Eye On The World: Arab Spring: Libya gets ready for ‘ethnic cleansing’ of indigenous black tribe by Arab tribesmen

Man Beats Daughter with a Broomstick for Not Reciting the Qur'an

Man Beats Daughter with a Broomstick for Not Reciting the Qur'an: In both the U.S. and the U.K., this man would have gotten a reduced sentence after explaining that his culture allows such beatings. Fortunately, the Italian court wasn't buying it.

(ANSA) - Rome, March 30 - The Italian Supreme Court on Friday upheld a sentence for abuse and aggravated assault by a Moroccan father against his 12-year-old daughter.

Defense lawyers maintained that the father, who allegedly beat his daughter with a broom handle for "corrective" purposes after she could not properly recite the Koran, did so because of "cultural" reasons and should be given a lighter sentence accordingly.

The judge dismissed the defense's argument, calling the treatment "violent and unjustifiable" whether from Italian nationals or foreigners. (Source)

Does The Media Wants A Race Riot?

Does The Media Wants A Race Riot?:
I say they do…

It’s quite clear the media is stoking the outrage flames (thus their ratings) of the Trayvon Martin shooting, going as far as even manipulating polls

The two polls shared the same distribution of political partisans, each sampling 30 percent Democrats and 25 percent Republicans. The remaining 45 percent either identified themselves as independents or declined to answer the question.
Is the liberal media hoping for George Zimmerman’s capture or death, and/or maybe some good ol’ fashioned rioting (which makes for great footage) to further enhance their action line of America being divided by race?
Pardon my cynicism, but the answer is clearly yes.

Conservatives Being Locked Out as Romney Ascends

Conservatives Being Locked Out as Romney Ascends:
GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney stumps on the campaign trail.Early in the presidential campaign I was holding on to hope that the country, or at least conservatives, had learned something from the drubbing we got in the 2008 election.
But once again, the GOP appears poised to nominate the worst of the worst as its candidate and to hand Obama the keys to the White House for another four years. Meanwhile, real conservatives are watching from the sidelines.
Newt Gingrich, who is staying in the race, admitted Friday at a Wisconsin campaign stop that Mitt is beating the pants off of him.
“I think Mitt Romney is clearly the front-runner,” Gingrich said according to Fox News. “I think he will probably get 1,144 (delegates), but I think he has to earn it.”
The media had picked Romney early on as their favorite for the GOP, because he was “middle of the road,” which is doublespeak for “liberal.”
But as the primaries are a numbers game leading up to the convention, there was still the possibility that the outrage over Obama might yet bear fruit.
So much for that notion. Romney has 568 delegates at this writing and seems to be sailing into the convention amid thunderous applause, even though he’s technically only halfway there.
So what happened to the conservative backlash to the most radical leftist president ever?
It’s been undermined from several corners.
Most of America is conservative, as polls have repeatedly found.
But that is almost completely nullified by the fact that the majority of Americans still gets news from television, that great devourer of thought processes.
It used to be said that the medium is the message. In our modern day, the media have used their ability to shape the message to create a whole new reality. And the persistent message of the leftist media is that conservatism is the equivalent of evil.
You’ve all heard it: Conservatives get called Nazis by on a daily basis. If you are a conservative and you’ve never been called a Nazi, or worse, you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel.
The media message has a hold on Americans that is unswayed by truth, history or sense. Nazis, or National Socialists, of course were firmly on the left side of the political spectrum, with their love of government control, elimination of private property, racial stratification, environmental regulation and eugenics. But because the media unerringly broadcast a message 180 degrees opposite the truth, the boogeyman in the American mind is conservative.
That image is used to push conservatives out of the way once again as Americans are maneuvered into accepting a non-alternative to the liberal disaster currently occupying the Oval Office.
Romney would not, I think, run the country through unaccountable czars and executive orders, ignore his legal duties, racially divide the country or regularly stomp on the Constitution. However, in many respects, he is every bit the socialist Obama is. His state, Massachusetts, is on the leading edge of liberalism with its state-controlled health care and recognition of gay marriage, both of which happened under Romney’s watch.
The GOP leadership itself is no help, either. They have played footsies for too long with their counterparts in the Democratic Party. There is little ideological difference between them, and the GOP leaders seem content to let Obama have his way.
The GOP has managed to diffuse the conservative anger in this country by undermining the movement from within, first co-opting the Express, breaking off the Florida , then buying out the national Patriots, leading to a — perhaps orchestrated — schism with the California and other groups across the country.
Whatever elements of the Tea Party have not been undermined by the GOP have been targeted by the Democratic Party, which has brought the IRS to bear on Tea Party and other conservative leaders in an obviously coordinated campaign to intimidate the only real opposition that exists.
So here we are, rolling closer to the most pivotal election in modern times, with conservatives being set up to lose from all sides.
Mischief managed.

Friday, March 30, 2012

ObamaCare: The Big Lie : The Other McCain

ObamaCare: The Big Lie : The Other McCain

BACKFIRE ALERT: Dems Attempt To Oust Scott Gessler Blowing Up In Their Face

BACKFIRE ALERT: Dems Attempt To Oust Scott Gessler Blowing Up In Their Face:
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler probably said it best in a recent 5280 Magazine profile: “If I’m the honey badger, [the Democrats] are the poisonous snakes—and by the way, they get their heads bit off and the honey badger prevails.”

Gessler's embrace of the nickname Democrats have given him is a sign he's a lot more politically savvy than most people give him credit for. (On that note, we hope to see Sal Pace embrace the many nicknames we have given him.) 
The Dems were trying to tag Gessler as someone who doesn't care about what his critics say, as if that were a bad thing. The problem for Democrats is Gessler doesn't care, but that doesn't meant their hatred of him has no effect.
In fact, it is Democrats' blinding hatred of Gessler that has caused them to do something epically, historically stupid.
When Colorado Democrat Party Chair Rick Palacio called for Gessler to be removed from office this week, he officially turned Democrats' campaign to discredit Gessler into a parody that will end up blowing up Democrats more than it will damage Gessler. 
For a while we thought Gessler was losing the battle with Democrats, with their steady drumbeat of attacks and character assaults. That battle has now been flipped on its head and gone decidedly in Gessler's direction with Palacio's Hail Mary pass only minutes into the second quarter of the political football game. 
Reports Sara Burnett of The Denver Post:
As the Colorado Democratic Party spent Thursday vetting potential ways to remove Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler from office, political observers characterized the effort as everything from "off-the-wall" to a political ploy and — perhaps most important — a longshot.

..."It might come off looking like a partisan witch hunt," said Ken Bickers, professor and chairman of the political science department at the University of Colorado.

...Bickers speculated Democrats may have an ulterior motive: creating "a storyline" to appeal to a particular group of voters. Most likely that's Latinos, who are among those voters Democrats say will be disproportionately affected by Gessler's efforts, and a voting bloc that will be key to President Barack Obama winning re-election this fall.

"To me it's a sign that they think they have a weakness in the presidential election," Bickers said.
Gessler has not done anything illegal, nor has he done anything that has inspired massive protests. Most people don't even know what the Secretary of State does, let alone are outraged about minor rulemaking decisions. 

Gessler just has a different viewpoint from Democrats on election administration -- namely, he thinks people should have to prove they are who they say they are before voting. Quelle horror!
As Burnett's article outlines, Palacio made a big, massive mistake in calling for Gessler's ouster. He has now written a check with his mouth that his political operation can't cash. 
See how seriously the media takes his condemnations and calls for removal from office in the future once Democrats are unable to do a single, substantive thing to recall Gessler.
Palacio: We knew you were a half-assed political hack when you got the job. Thanks for proving us right. 
While the poisonous snake Democrats have been biting at Gessler's ankles for months, Rick Palacio just placed his party's proverbial head on the chopping block for Gessler to bite off.
You're an idiot, Palacio.

Contempt, Fear, Selfishness

Contempt, Fear, Selfishness:
There is a growing dissatisfaction among Conservatives with the Republican Party. A lot of folks feel the party doesn’t listen to it’s base, or care about their input. The party elites’ inability to stand up and defend Conservatives when they …

There is a growing dissatisfaction among Conservatives with the Republican Party. A lot of folks feel the party doesn’t listen to it’s base, or care about their input. The party elites’ inability to stand up and defend Conservatives when they are under attack is a huge problem.

While it’s not just limited to her, the way the GOP elites abandoned, Sarah Palin, and even joined in on the attacks, is something Conservatives take personally.
Few politicians have ever created such a powerful bond between themselves, and the people. Sarah is one of us, and that bond is strong.

Our friend Wayne Mazza has penned a righteous rant that echoes the feelings of many Conservatives who are sick of being ignored and attacked by their own party. It is a pleasure to be able to share this with our readers.

~ Gary

Contempt, Fear, Selfishness

By Wayne Mazza

It never ceases to amaze me, the stupidity of the RNC elitists and pundits.
Gov. Sarah Palin has been an inspiration to millions of us, especially to young and older women.
The contempt the RNC has for this woman is insulting. Why would they be in lockstep to destroy this woman as we expect from the leftist liberal DNC, LSM, and bloggers that have nothing but hate and disrespect for Gov. Palin.

Why would the RNC tout a failed Governor like Romney (34% approval rating), say he is electable, and the KING DUNCE Reince Priebus thinks his stand on Romneycare is a strength against Oblah, blah, blah. I mean who is running the nut house. To compare Romney’s accomplishments against Gov. Palin is like having a choice between taking a free Cadillac or a Ford Pinto and the RNC is taking the Pinto. Geez.

The RNC with all their power, influence, have a genuine fear of Gov. Palin. I mean even though they are having the longest brain dead moment in the history of our country, don’t they want to win this election? Why would anyone have fear of an individual who has inspired millions of people in this country not only by her accomplishments, but by the example of how she has led her life? Her strong believe in God, family, and country is how many of us lead our lives.

The RNC establishment is selfish for power, money, control, and think they know what is best for our country. So they are willing to put their authority, power, and money behind a failed Governor that touts his numerous years in private industry for creating 100,000 jobs, his ranking of 48th in the nation on job creation as a Governor, and Romneycare as the best hope for our nation. Again I ask who is in charge of the nut house.

Have you seen how the entire establishment, go along to get along candidates that are in lockstep with the party, sellout to back the Mittster?

Can you imagine what the election year atmosphere would be if all these endorsers would have put their weight behind Gov. Palin to convince her to run for president.
Governor Palin put her heart and soul into the 2010 elections to bring about the largest landslide turnover in local, state, and federal elections with nary a thank you from the RNC. Now that is one flip flop, democrat to Republican, we all can like.

For the past three almost four years, where were all the people that she helped get elected at when she was under constant attack. Yet she still gives her all for our country. A weaker person would have given up long ago.

RNC establishment elitists, pundits, and many people on FOX news should hang their heads in shame for the their treatment of this woman, and lack of courage to stand by this woman in her deepest time of need. But they will not. They will continue to stand by a loser, a man that touts the 30 or so years as a private business man who created 100,000 jobs.

WTF. Only a 100,000 jobs in all those years? Reagan put policies in place to create over 20 million jobs in two terms as president. This is like Romney trying to win the Indianapolis 500 with a, yep you guessed it, Ford Pinto.

Well, I have rambled on enough, but I will end with this.

To the RNC establishment, if you think Governor Palin is the only person to have fear and contempt for, listen up. When you attack the Guv, you attack us. When you make fun of the Guv, you are making fun of us. When you fail to defend the Guv, you fail to defend us. Gov. Sarah Palin is America, we are America, you are just a bump in the road to us. An obstacle to be removed.

I am watching you, we are all watching you. Don’t be surprised if many of the old establishment guard in office fail to get reelected.

Oblah, Blah, Blah, is not the only one we are coming for in November. Count on it.

GAME ON!!!!!

Americans Spitting Out the Obama Kool-Aid…Peggy Noonan Says It’s Sour

Americans Spitting Out the Obama Kool-Aid…Peggy Noonan Says It’s Sour:

By: Andrea Ryan
Americans finally found their taste buds.  Peggy Noonan, the head speech-writer for Ronald Reagan, and, inexplicably, a once-supporter of Obama, published an article in today’s Wall Street Journal calling our president “creepy“, “devious”, and “dishonest”.  She says Americans have moved from not liking Obama’s policies to, now, not liking him.
Via Drudge, the WSJ’s “Not-So-Smooth Operator,
What is happening is that the president is coming across more and more as a trimmer, as an operator who’s not operating in good faith. This is hardening positions and leading to increased political bitterness. And it’s his fault, too. As an increase in polarization is a bad thing, it’s a big fault.
The shift started on Jan. 20, with the mandate that agencies of the Catholic Church would have to provide services the church finds morally repugnant. The public reaction? “You’re kidding me. That’s not just bad judgment and a lack of civic tact, it’s not even constitutional!” Faced with the blowback, the president offered a so-called accommodation that even its supporters recognized as devious. Not ill-advised, devious. Then his operatives flooded the airwaves with dishonest—not wrongheaded, dishonest—charges that those who defend the church’s religious liberties are trying to take away your contraceptives.
What a sour taste this all left. …
Events of just the past 10 days have contributed to the shift. There was the open-mic conversation with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in which Mr. Obama pleaded for “space” and said he will have “more flexibility” in his negotiations once the election is over and those pesky voters have done their thing. On tape it looked so bush-league, so faux-sophisticated. When he knew he’d been caught, the president tried to laugh it off by comically covering a mic in a following meeting. It was all so . . . creepy.
Next, a boy of 17 is shot and killed under disputed and unclear circumstances. The whole issue is racially charged, emotions are high, and the only memorable words from the president’s response were, “If I had a son he’d look like Trayvon” At first it seemed OK—not great, but all right—but as the story continued and suddenly there were death threats and tweeted addresses and congressmen in hoodies, it seemed insufficient to the moment. At the end of the day, the public reaction seemed to be: “Hey buddy, we don’t need you to personalize what is already too dramatic, it’s not about you.”
Now this week the Supreme Court arguments on ObamaCare, which have made that law look so hollow, so careless, that it amounts to a characterological indictment of the administration. The constitutional law professor from the University of Chicago didn’t notice the centerpiece of his agenda was not constitutional? How did that happen? …
And so the relationship the president wanted never really knitted together. Health care was like the birth-control mandate: It came from his hermetically sealed inner circle, which operates with what seems an almost entirely abstract sense of America. They know Chicago, the machine, the ethnic realities. They know Democratic Party politics. They know the books they’ve read, largely written by people like them—bright, credentialed, intellectually cloistered. But there always seems a lack of lived experience among them, which is why they were so surprised by the town hall uprisings of August 2009 and the 2010 midterm elections.
…Mr. Obama has a largely nonexistent relationship with many, and a worsening relationship with some.
Really, he cannot win the coming election. But the Republicans, still, can lose it.

This has all “left a sour taste”.   Yes, it has.  Americans finally taste the Obama Kool-Aid for what it really is…a slurry of deception, lies, and Socialism.  And we’re spitting it out.

After Bobby Rush’s stunt, hoodie-wearing gunmen kill one, wound five in his district in Chicago

After Bobby Rush’s stunt, hoodie-wearing gunmen kill one, wonder five in his district in Chicago:
democrat-logoSo two men in “hoodies” killed one, and injured 5 others in Bobby Rush’s district. The victims ages ranged from 16 to 24. Yet, none of the pink slime media stories mention anything about the race of the gunmen, or those injured. Was there any white-Hispanics involved? Just one day after Black Panther Bobby Rush threw his hoodie tantrum on the House floor and was removed for violating House rules, two gunmen in Rush’s Chicago district killed one and injured five others. The gunmen were wearing hoodies just like Bobby Rush.

Meanwhile, back home in Rush’s district, two men wearing hooded sweatshirts, or “hoodies,” were the shooters in an incident that left one dead and five injured.
In fact, during a span of six-hours Thursday night, 13 people were shot, leaving two dead in Chicago. It would seem it takes more courage to simply walk down the street in Rush’s district than it does to wear a hooded sweatshirt in the House of Representatives by way of a stunt in a bizarre tribute to a young man shot and killed in Florida during a shooting incident still under investigation.

Whipped, beaten and punished with jump leads clamped to his nose: Child-like man nicknamed ‘The Clown’ tortured by relatives who saw him as ‘financial burden’

Whipped, beaten and punished with jump leads clamped to his nose: Child-like man nicknamed ‘The Clown’ tortured by relatives who saw him as ‘financial burden’:

Daily Mail:

  • Ghalib Hussain had learning difficulties and was targeted by relatives in a three-year campaign of violence
  • He suffered a broken hip in one particularly brutal attack, Burnley Crown Court heard
By Martin Robinson
PUBLISHED: 11:20 EST, 30 March 2012 | UPDATED: 11:21 EST, 30 March 2012
Accused: Nek Alam, 71, pictured, and three members of his family are accused of leading a terrifying campaign of violence against Ghalib Hussein
A child-like man nicknamed ‘The Clown’ by his own family was subjected to a campaign of violence and cruelty by relatives who regarded him as a financial burden, a court was told today.
In one of many painful and humiliating punishments Ghalib Hussain, 27, of Accrington, Lancashire, had one end of a pair of jump leads clamped onto his nose and was hit with the other end because he cannot read and write, Burnley Crown Court heard.
On other occasions Mr Hussain was punched in the face when he failed to learn Arabic text and was also warned he would be buried alive in a cemetery and have his tongue ripped out.
He was also whipped with a belt and a stick by those who should have cared for him, it is alleged.
At Burnley Crown Court, his uncle Nek Alam, 72, and Alam’s sons Janghir Alam, 29, Zahir Alam, 33, and Zahoor Alam, 32, went on trial accused of false imprisonment, making threats to kill and causing grievous bodily harm.
The jury was told he also had to kiss the feet of his uncle and was not allowed to eat until he was told to.
Finally he was rescued by police who found him huddled on a settee at his home unable to stand due to a broken right hip, said to be inflicted when he was forced to the ground and jumped on.
He had earlier been found wandering around the area and he clung onto a lamp-post in a distressed state when officers tried to take him home.
These regular beatings and threats over a three year period were because he was seen by his family as ‘slow in the head’ and a ‘mental case.’
The jury was told Mr Hussain had been unable to read or write and to speak little or no English and had little or no formal education.
Mr Jeremy Lasker, prosecuting, said Mr Hussain came to Britain in about 2006 from his native Pakistan as a result of an arranged marriage to Nek Alam’s daughter, Sofia.

This is good: 20 Phenomenal Fringe Benefits Of Being A Liberal - John Hawkins - Townhall Conservative Columnists

20 Phenomenal Fringe Benefits Of Being A Liberal - John Hawkins - Townhall Conservative Columnists

Court documents: Blood found at Josh Powell’s Utah home was that of his missing wife - The Washington Post

Court documents: Blood found at Josh Powell’s Utah home was that of his missing wife - The Washington Post

Video: Katy Perry now officially Rocks

Video: Katy Perry now officially Rocks: Back in August of 2011, pop singer Katy Perry found herself in some hot water when she posted a tweet that advocated praying for Israel. The venomous backlash she received was predictable but, nonetheless unwarranted. Unfortunately, Perry walked it back a bit, saying that a kid asked her to pray for him specifically.

Well, it appears that Ms. Perry may have made a very conscious decision to anger the left in the form of a pro-Military video.

This is very refreshing to see from a celebrity. Will she withstand the backlash? If she keeps this up, she's going to have a slew of conservative  fans.

Black Panther Malik Shabazz: ‘Isn’t The Mood In This Nation That White People Are Better Than Black?’

Black Panther Malik Shabazz: ‘Isn’t The Mood In This Nation That White People Are Better Than Black?’:
CBSDetriot   – DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) The Detroit reverend who shouted that residents would “burn the city down” if the state approves an emergency financial oversight board defended himself and lobbed even more racial bombs during a radio appearance this week.
Rev. Malik Shabazz called the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 morning show where he spent an entire hour discussing the disastrous state of Detroit. “The state of Michigan did that to us,” he said about the failing school system, at various times blaming banks, the state, and the suburbs for the city’s issues.
Michigan created a consent agreement that would put a nine-member financial oversight board in charge of the city’s books, forcing it to consolidate departments, potentially re-negotiate union contracts, give greater board oversight, find new streams of revenue and cut expenses.
The mayor and City Council are fighting the agreement proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder, though many have said enaction of the deal is imminent. Detroit has borrowed $600 million since 2005 to stay afloat. Under threat of bankruptcy this spring, the city borrowed another $137 million in bonds earlier this week.
Dozens of residents went berserk at a recent council meeting, screaming about the state coming in to erase their democratic right to elect their own officials. Shabazz’s rant got the most attention.
“Do you really want to burn the city down? Langton asked him. “Of course not,” Shabazz responded.
Caller Marcus from Detroit, who described himself as a civil rights activist, asked “where were you coming from with the ‘burn it down’ line?”
“Out of pain, I spoke the other day out of pain, out of a sense of misery, out of a sense of anger, out of a sense of major disappointment, not only with today, but a historical analysis, a historical perspective, a global perspective,” Shabazz said.
Langton asked how he could justify going in front of a crowd and TV cameras to yell ‘white supremacy’ and threaten to burn down his own city to prevent outsiders from coming in.
“White supremacy is a worldwide institutional system and it affects the lives of the human family every day, both historically as well as today,” Shabazz said. “It even disrupts and hurts white folks. To say ‘White supremacy’ is not an attack on all white people, but I am attacking the system, the mindset that ‘I am better simply because I’m white.’ “Isn’t the mood in this nation…in Lansing, that white people are better than black people? He added. “Hasn’t it always been that we’re substandard? The governor doesn’t have to say it, his policies show it.”
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Obama’s War With Other Branches Of Government Likely Widens

Obama’s War With Other Branches Of Government Likely Widens:
The Hill:
President Obama might be campaigning this summer not just against the GOP nominee and congressional Republicans but also the Supreme Court.
Obama faces a bigger and more direct threat from the court than any candidate in recent history. The justices are expected to rule in June on whether his signature healthcare law is constitutional, and oral arguments this week indicated there’s a good chance they will strike down at least part of the law: the mandate to have insurance.
Some Democrats see a silver lining in that scenario, arguing Obama could rally his base by campaigning against an activist “right-wing court” that is taking away healthcare coverage from millions of Americans.
“I think this will be the best thing that has ever happened to the Democratic Party,” Democratic strategist James Carville said on CNN this week.
Republicans, buoyed by signs that the court might axe a law they have long viewed a threat to individual liberty, are preemptively warning that attacks on the Supreme Court could damage trust in the judicial branch.
“I’m sure some Democrat colleagues might try to do that, which would be unfortunate, because we don’t need to weaken the court,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
Obama is already running against one branch of government, arguing the “do-nothing Congress” is standing in the way of legislation that would help the economy. If the Supreme Court strikes down his health law, the president would have the opportunity to do battle with the judicial branch as well.
Republican strategist Karl Rove argued this week it would be improper for Obama, a former constitutional law professor, to criticize the court while campaigning as an incumbent president.
Obama can either “announce he respects the court’s decision,” Rove wrote in an op-ed, or “lash out against the court’s majority.”
Rove compared the latter tack to the 2010 State of the Union address, in which Obama ripped the court’s Citizens United ruling as many of the justices looked on from the front rows.
“With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that, I believe, will open the floodgates for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections,” Obama said in the speech.
Justice Samuel Alito could be seen shaking his head “no” and mouthing the words “not true” as Obama criticized the ruling. Republicans accused the president of being rude.
The president has steered clear of the Supreme Court debate thus far and has not commented publicly on the oral arguments in the case. Speaking Friday at a fundraiser in Burlington, Vt., Obama did not mention the court when touting his healthcare law.
Democrats have been less shy about criticizing the justices. Many of them say it’s the Supreme Court — not Obama — that should be wary of seeming too political. Even before this week’s oral arguments, Democrats had warned that a 5-4 decision against the healthcare law could have echoes of Bush v. Gore, the controversial ruling that decided the 2000 presidential election.
Their admonitions against a politically motivated decision only grew stronger after oral arguments that did not seem to go well for the Obama administration.
“The court would not only have to stretch, it would have to abandon and completely overrule a lot of modern precedent, which would do grave damage to this court in credibility and power,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said Wednesday.
Although political strategists are focused on the political fallout from a decision overturning the healthcare law, that ruling is hardly guaranteed. Oral arguments are often a poor indication of how the court will ultimately rule, and supporters of the law argue it has precedent on its side.
If the court upholds the law and the insurance mandate, Republicans could also have the opportunity to turn the court into a rallying cry for their efforts to win back the White House.
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), a former ranking member on the Judiciary Committee, said Obama could not campaign against the court because the judicial branch is more respected than either Congress or the president.
Asked about the possibility of a 5-4 decision along partisan lines to uphold the law, Grassley said neither outcome would seriously hurt the court’s prestige.
“Unless I had evidence” that the ruling was strictly political, he said, “I would have to respect their decision.”
Sessions largely agreed. He said there’s a line between criticizing the court and attacking it, so Republicans wouldn’t have to stay completely silent if the court upholds the healthcare law.
“I think you can criticize the activism or say they’ve allowed politics to enter into it,” Sessions said. “But they would have some basis for their decision — less, I think, but some basis for their decision.”

The “Don’t You Love The Citizens United Case?” Friday Open Thread.

The “Don’t You Love The Citizens United Case?” Friday Open Thread.:
I mean, I personally love the Citizens United case. Aside from liking free speech, it seems to be a positive spur to creativity. Check out this latest spy spoof from American Crossroads, with Barack Obama starring as the almost-urbane secret agent trying to fumble-finger the rest of us into giving up our missile defense plans:

For the record: no, really, Vladimir Putin really does go parading around shirtless, and on a horse. (shrug) It apparently plays well in Russia.  As does planning to give away the store on missile defense; which should cheer up the President.  At least the notion is popular somewhere
Open thread.
Moe Lane (crosspost)

Obama Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years

Obama Kills Atlantic Offshore Drilling For Five Years:
Breitbart  -  Yesterday the Obama administration announced a delaying tactic which will put off the possibility of new offshore oil drilling on the Atlantic coast for at least five years:
The announcement by the Interior Department sets into motion what will be at least a five year environmental survey to determine whether and where oil production might occur.
Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell notes that a planned lease sale, which the administration cancelled last year, will now be put off until at least 2018. As you might expect, Republicans were not impressed with the decision:
“The president’s actions have closed an entire new area to drilling on his watch and cheats Virginians out of thousands of jobs,” said Rep. Doc Hastings, R-Wash., who chairs the House Natural Resources Committee. The announcement “continues the president’s election-year political ploy of giving speeches and talking about drilling after having spent the first three years in office blocking, delaying and driving up the cost of producing energy in America,” he said.
Finally, given that this is the Obama administration, you won’t be surprised to learn that oil and gas exploration is not the only aim of the survey:
In addition to assessing how much oil and natural gas is in the area, seismic testing would help determine the best places for wind turbines and other renewable energy projects, locate sand and gravel for restoring eroding coastal areas, and identify cultural artifacts such as historic sunken ships.
The Post reports that environmentalists are already opposing the survey which, conveniently, won’t begin until after the election.

Arianna Huffington defeats liberal bloggers who made her richer

Arianna Huffington defeats liberal bloggers who made her richer:
I posted previously about Ariann Huffington’s business model, Hey HuffPo Bloggers – Was It Fun Working For Free To Make Arianna Richer?:
First, let me congratulate Arianna Huffington on selling The Huffington Post to AOL for a reported $315 million.  Isn’t America a great place?
Arianna came up with a great business model.  Create a place where liberals could tell each other how smart they were, where they could write blog posts without being paid, and where they could create a community of commenters who routinely attacked the evil Republicans…
and then sell out for mucho dinero….
Who knew that the website devoted to a living wage and moral imperatives actually manged to get liberal bloggers to work for free to make money for the boss-lady and her investment banking investors.
There’s a sucker born every minute….
A class action was brought on behalf of the bloggers, but it has been thrown out by a federal judge in New York, as reported by AP via The Huffington Post (full opinion embedded below):
The Huffington Post doesn’t have to pay bloggers for providing content for its website in part because they knew from the start they wouldn’t be paid and could have taken their work elsewhere, a federal judge ruled Friday.
U.S. District Judge John Koeltl dismissed a lawsuit that bloggers filed last year. The lawsuit against the Huffington Post and its parent company, AOL Inc., argued they were unjustly denied compensation for their work.
The bloggers were seeking class-action status. The lawsuit was prompted by AOL’s $315 million purchase of the Huffington Post last year. The bloggers claimed that the website unjustly profited from their work, promising only exposure. They were seeking at least $105 million in damages.
AOL had argued that the bloggers gained exposure and a place to attract a big audience in exchange for the content.

Tasini v AOL and Huffington Post – Opinion and Order

Will Indiana's self-defense measure mean 'open season' on cops?

Will Indiana's self-defense measure mean 'open season' on cops?

Move to the Back, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Vote Like We Tell You

Move to the Back, Sit Down, Shut Up, and Vote Like We Tell You:

Do They Only Want Our Votes?
The message of the GOP establishment is clear even if they soften it slightly behind flowery language.  If you’re a conservative, the only way to get a seat at their table is to surrender your principles in exchange.  Join up, and they will throw you a bone or two, and if the Republican establishment sees you as a candidate who could be elevated, they’re apt to offer to help “bring you along” as an up-and-comer.  They don’t view themselves as “RINOs,” because it’s their belief that they are the core of the Republican party.  Now they’re telling conservatives that this race is over, and they’re now in a full-court-press mode, asserting that now is the time to unite behind Mitt Romney.  They fear a brokered convention, and all of this talk about “uniting behind Romney” is aimed and shutting this down before a floor fight at the convention becomes a reality.
I’ve asked the question before, but let me ask it again:  Are conservatives prepared to sit down, shut up, and do as they are told?
The problem rank-and-file conservatives face is simple:  They don’t have the monetary resources to back a candidate like the establishment can.  Instead, they express their support by showing up, voting, working as volunteers, and doing what they can by means of their efforts.  They don’t make thousands of dollars in donations, and they’re not able put up a flurry of cash in support of a campaign, so what frequently happens is that they field a candidate or two who are underfunded and unable to make their way into the fight.  Worse, since the establishment of the GOP will always have at least one well-funded, supported candidate, what they are able to do is dominate the process despite the fact that their candidate is not particularly popular with the majority of the party.   This is our situation now, and all too often, it’s the situation in which conservatives find themselves by the time the convention comes along.
The party establishment may deny their own existence, but it’s undeniable that they have the ability to push a candidate that suits their aims, and all too frequently, that candidate is like Mitt Romney, who is not a conservative, and not widely accepted as such.  Instead, the establishment must cajole and convince conservatives into supporting their guy, because the truth is that the one thing their money can’t buy is the votes of conservatives.  Votes are the commodity they need, and it is the only bit of leverage the conservatives in the Republican party possess, but the frightening truth is that they are often placed in the position that they must choose between voting for whomever the party establishment chooses, or withholding their votes altogether.  Many view the latter as unconscionable, and so they dutifully troop down to the polls to surrender to the establishment on election day.  This tactic is effective to a certain degree, but it hardly solves the problem because too many conservatives simply will not be goaded that way.
The GOP establishment’s answer is ever the same:  “If you don’t vote for our guy, you’re the problem.  You call us RINOs?  Where were you on election day?  It’s your fault we lost the election because you didn’t show up.“   I reject this argument in its totality, because what it asserts is no different than the argument sorry competitors in any market will make to excuse their own failures.   Imagine you’re the head of General Motors, and you’re trying to get customers for your latest product, the Chevy Volt.  If consumers don’t buy it because the car has made a bad first impression, is heavily subsidized by government, is ultra-expensive even with the subsidies, and worst of all, has practical problems that make it worthless for 90% of American drivers from the outset, you might well blame the customer, but that won’t bring you success, and it won’t help your bottom line.  Your only option is to destroy your competition so that consumers have no choice but to buy your product since there is no alternative.
This is the problem the Republican party suffers when it insists on nominating candidates who are in many ways incompatible with the views of most conservatives.  Mitt Romney is a liberal Republican, and there’s really no disguising this, and while those in the establishment hate cultural conservatives, they also know they need their votes to win.  You would think that at some point, the establishment would catch on, but I submit to you that they have on occasion.  George W. Bush maintained an image of having moral views more compatible with cultural conservatives, and that’s why they helped elect him.  In stark contrast, however, we have Mitt Romney, who in substance is no worse than George W. Bush, but for the fact that he is not palatable to cultural conservatives.  If he were, Rick Santorum would have long ago been put away, but the problem for Romney is that he’s not even capable of convincingly faking it.
The other problem conservatives face is that the establishment would just as soon lose as nominate a conservative of any description to the top of the ticket.  They’re not happy with conservatives generally, and the reason is that they favor a progressive polity that is more in line with FDR’s than Ronald Reagan’s.  For those in the Republican establishment, Barack Obama may be bad, but Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain would be infinitely worse.  The very idea that these should have any chance is more a matter of the establishment humoring the conservative base in order to permit them to believe they’ve actually had some say. The idea laid upon the table by the establishment is that at some point, conservatives must become more ‘practical’ when those choices disappear.
In the last few days, the establishment has begun to push the narrative that “it’s all over, and it’s time to begin to focus on Barack Obama,” but I don’t see why we cannot do both.  I do not accept the notion that we must cast off our alternatives to Mitt Romney simply on the say-so of the Republican establishment, and I’m not even slightly influenced by their insistence that it’s now time.  Americans don’t really begin to pay strong attention until the conventions anyway, so I don’t understand the rush to close off debate, except that they fear a floor fight in which the establishment candidate might not prevail.   For me, that’s all the more reason to continue to have the fight within the party, because at the end of this trail, however it ends, it’s we who will have to live with it, but also with ourselves.  The establishment will say that it had been our fault if their candidate gets the nomination, but fails to win in November, either because we had forced a brokered convention, or having had the establishment candidate shoved down our throats, instead simply walked away.  If they give us the Chevy Volt of candidates as our only choice, I don’t see how they can dare to complain if we aren’t willing to be electrified. Whose fault is that?  Ours?  Or theirs?

Judge Napolitano: I Think the Health Care Law Will Be Thrown Out Entirely

Judge Napolitano: I Think the Health Care Law Will Be Thrown Out Entirely:
Fox News Insider
Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Happening Now that based on the tenor of the Supreme Court justices during the oral arguments, he believes that the health care law is going to be thrown out entirely…
…Napolitano said that the next step would be to determine what to do with the law, and whether to invalidate just the parts of the law that profoundly offend the Constitution or to invalidate the whole law…
The complete article (with related links) is at Fox News Insider.
Watch the latest video at

Obama Goes On Crazy Socialist Rant: “You’re On Your Own Economics Does Not Work”

Obama Goes On Crazy Socialist Rant: “You’re On Your Own Economics Does Not Work”:
Obama also told the crowd, “Maybe I should just quit while I’m ahead.”

When was he ahead? Ahead on what?
Obama went off on some wild socialist rant at a campaign stop at the University of Vermont.
Real Clear Politics reported:
“You know, each of us is only here because somebody somewhere felt responsibility, yes to their families, but also to their fellow citizens. Also to our country’s future. That’s the American story. The American story is not just about what we do on our own. Yes, we’re rugged individualists, we expect personally responsibility and everybody out there has got to work hard and carry their weight,” President Obama said at a fundraiser with college students at the University of Vermont.
“We also have always understood that we wouldn’t win the race for new jobs and businesses, and middle class security if we were just applying some ‘you’re on your own economics,’” Obama said.
“It’s been tried in our history and it hasn’t worked,” Obama said. “It didn’t work when we tried it in the decade before the Great Depression. It didn’t work when we tried it in the last decade. We just tried this. What they’re peddling has been tried — it did not work!”

Allah's warriors pic of the day

Allah's warriors pic of the day:
Afghan security forces escort Taliban militants clad in Afghan women dresses to be presented to the media at the Afghan intelligence department in Mehterlam, Laghman province, east of Kabul, Afghanistan, Wednesday, March 28, 2012. Afghan Intelligence forces arrested seven Taliban militants today in Qarghayi district of Laghman province, Afghan intelligence officials said. (AP Photo)

HICK SUMMONS AL GORE: Blames Global Warming For North Fork Fire Tragedy

HICK SUMMONS AL GORE: Blames Global Warming For North Fork Fire Tragedy:
Maybe all the attacks from left wing environmental groups are getting to Governor Hickenlooper. Yesterday, during a press conference on the lower North Fork fire tragedy, the Governor summoned his inner Al Gore and tried to lay blame at the feet of global warming for the wildfire that has taken at least two lives and destroyed at least 27 homes. 
No, Governor. That's not what happened. State bureaucrats started this fire, not melting ice caps.  
Here is what Governor Hickenlooper had to say (via Caplis and Silverman):
We recognize, everybody knows this, that we, it doesn't matter whether you believe in climate change or not, but we are seeing very unusual weather. Not just in this country, but all over the world. And certainly many people predicted that this is going to make Colorado a drier place with probably less of a snow pack.

Ah...if that's the case we need to be rethinking and aggressively challenging what our assumptions have been, and do we need to change them. Maybe they're perfect. But we better be rethinking them and working through them and challenging every basic assumption we start with to make sure we're doing everything we can to limit this kind of tragic situation.

The full Caplis and Silverman podcast is available here. Hick starts speaking at the 11:42 mark. 
Beyond Hick's struggles with speaking in complete sentences, his attempt to blame global warming rather than bureaucratic error, as everyone knows to be the case, is a poor political move.
The state government, the very same one Hick is in charge of, screwed up. Plain and simple. Trying to politicize this tragedy is completely inappropriate and will likely backfire.
The government workers who started the fire have done the right thing and apologized. 
From The Colorado Observer's Leslie Jorgensen:
Meanwhile, the Colorado State Forest Service issued an apology for failing to keep the prescribed burn under control. The fire erupted March 26, four days after crews finished the planned 35-acre burn on Denver Water Board property, when strong winds carried embers across a road and into the forest.

“This is heartbreaking, and we are sorry: despite the best efforts of the Colorado State Forest Service to prevent this very kind of tragic wildfire, we now join Colorado in hoping for the safety of those fighting a large fire, and mourning the loss of life and property,” said Forest Service deputy chief forester Joe Duda in a statement.

The fire has killed two people–an elderly married couple–while another woman is reported missing. As of Wednesday evening the blaze had spread across 4,140 acres and destroyed 27 homes, according to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Jacki Kelley.
Governor Hickenlooper, stop blaming global warming and accept the blame that your state government has already apologized for.
Polar ice caps have nothing to do with wind blowing embers into a forest. Nothing. 
(Burned Tree photo credit: The Colorado Observer)
(Polar Bear photo credit:

Media Silent as Left Attacks Kids of WI Lt. Gov.

Media Silent as Left Attacks Kids of WI Lt. Gov.

They’re Always Shocked When We’re Not Stupid

They’re Always Shocked When We’re Not Stupid:
Frank J. is a very, very smart man.
Anyway, this got me thinking, it sure would be intellectually honest if more people started framing their arguments in the terms, “I don’t like freedom on this issue and here is why…” You pretty much never see that. I mean, gun control is an anti-freedom stance, but they never argue it that way. I think maybe that’s why they don’t understand how unpopular their stance is.
The same thing with the health care debate. The mandate is an anti-freedom stance, but they try to say they’re for more freedom by ending worries about health care, which is BS. One thing is freedom and one thing isn’t; it’s not debatable. Putting a gun to someone’s head and saying, “You must buy health insurance!” isn’t freedom and no one should pretend it is. It’s okay to take an anti-freedom stance, you just should frame it terms of why you think your ideas are better than liberty. And that will probably also help you understand why so many people don’t like your views, as the left always seems to get caught off guard by that.
Or, as Justice Scalia asked, after the government’s lawyer finished reciting all the problems that Obamacare was created to allegedly solve, “Why aren’t those problems that the Federal Government can address directly”.
The answer is: they are.
If the Democrats in Congress had been more honest, they could have built an alternate Obamacare that wouldn’t have run afoul of the Constitution. It would likely have set up a government system similar to Medicare, but for individuals and those with pre-existing conditions. The new system would by definition be very expensive so Democrats would have had to either 1) fudge the numbers so badly that not even the friendly MSM could obscure it, or 2) build a tax structure right away to dump a trillion dollars or so into it each year. In either case, everyone would have to pay more taxes — likely on the order of several thousand dollars. But once they were done, they’d have their government-run health insurance program that covered those relatively few Americans who want health insurance but can’t get it.
Of course, they would have had to sell America on the largest tax increase in the history of the planet to get it. Lots and lots of people would have asked them if there wasn’t some less expensive way to get the job done, perhaps a state-by-state option or a shift of tax incentives from employers to individuals. The questions would have been tough, fair, and in all likelihood hostile to a huge new bureaucracy and its attendant tax scheme, but the Democrats would have had to make a real argument and we could have have an honest discussion about our health insurance problems.
Obamacare was the Democratic attempt to avoid that discussion. The President hid behind a lie, almost completely unchallenged by the MSM, that if you like your health insurance plan, nothing in Obamacare would force you to change it. The Democrats promised us a fantasy world in which evil insurance companies deny care to sick children with glee could instantly become a bright and shining world where benevolent government officials granted nigh-unlimited care to anyone and everyone.  They told us none of their plans would ultimately cost us money. In fact, they said Obamacare would actually save money.
They could have been honest with us. They could have come to us as men and women and talked with us, sought our counsel. They could have tried to convince us that the good of their ideas was worth all we would have to give up to get it. They did not. They lied and lied and lied some more. They called us ignorant and vicious and heartless and stupid. They pushed a bill none of them had read in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve. They fudged numbers so badly they ended up counting whole piles of money twice. They accused anyone who disagreed with them of wanting to kill old people and innocent children. They built a law their own lawyers can not ably defend. They resorted to threats and intimidation to get compliance (seriously, folks. Here’s the letter).
And then they acted surprised when we resisted their dishonest bullying.
But, as Frank wrote, their surprise isn’t an act at all. They genuinely do not understand that there is are principled and intellectual disagreements with their philosophy. John Podhoretz nailed the problem in this article, which I recommend to you highly.
My hope for this election is that voters will so utterly repudiate progressivism that Democrats find themselves forced to reconsider how they do politics. Perhaps then we will see a left-wing party willing to understand the arguments its opponents make even if it doesn’t agree with them. Like Podhoretz said, the arguments are out there in abundance. Learning them would not be difficult at all.

The guy that is second in line to the Presidency says “Obama’s Made Way Tougher Decisions than FDR, You Know”.

The guy that is second in line to the Presidency says “Obama’s Made Way Tougher Decisions than FDR, You Know”.:
You can’t make this stuff up folks.
Ladies and Gentlemen our VP Joe Biden pontificates:
“I’ve watched him make decisions that would make another man or woman’s hair curl,” Biden told the crowd of 150 inside the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee, according to a pool reporter on scene. Biden, who has said he’s the last man in the room with Obama before a tough call, often attests that his boss has a “backbone like a ramrod.”
And today he said that mettle — and the “serious problems” Obama faced upon taking office — put the president in a class of his own. “I think I can say … no president, and I would argue in the 20th century and including now the 21st century, has had as many serious problems which are cases of first-instance lay on his table,” Biden said. “Franklin Roosevelt faced more dire consequences, but in a bizarre way it was more straightforward.”
Yeah right…… 
“Golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….golf, vacation or campaign??….”
Life must be really tough with those kinds of difficult decisions.
His golf score?  HIs daily routine is nothing too great either.  Actually, what he basically does is fly around in Air Force One (every day) and his daily exercise is either going up the steps to the plane or coming down them.  What he does best is spend our money.
Didn’t Joe Biden have a brain operation a while back?   Maybe the doctor who performed the operation took out the part of the brain that knows the difference between lies and facts.  Obama cannot be compared to any President because in the history of this Nation, we never had a President who was intent on destroying our Country and who is striving to have another civil war, only this time, between the races and between the classes.  The only President that Obama can be compared with is President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.
Biden needs to study history more.  FDR was President for over 12 years (which let to term limits for the President), and the US did not get out the depression until we entered WWII.  As a student of Presidential history, Obama does not even come close to making tougher decisions, on behalf of the US, even Carter made tougher decisions than Obama.  If he considers taking out Bin Laden as a tough decision, then the VP needs a serious reality check.
FDR was happy to be constantly re-elected, a megalomaniac, people in the country in the midst of the Great Depression, was unwilling to change horses in mid-stream. Obama, much as he likes his job instead of the country, should get ready to be ousted in November. One and done for THIS megalomaniac. Once is enough for this horse.
Faced tougher decisions than FDR?  And made the same or worse mistakes, with government intervening in the economy where they should not be. It has been proven that FDR prolonged the depression and Obama is on his way to breaking that record. “Spend, baby, spend. I want my great grandchildren paying for my wanton spending. Spend; I want to look like a kind despot, giving away goodies. I’ll be long gone when it’s due. Let my great, great grandchildren pay. “
This why Obama picked him as VP, he wanted an idiot, clueless guy to be vice president.  Wake up Biden; you know that you have no chance to be president.

Sharpton Says He Will Call For An Escalation In Civil Disobedience Until Zimmerman Is Arrested…

Sharpton Says He Will Call For An Escalation In Civil Disobedience Until Zimmerman Is Arrested…: In other words, screw the judicial system, we demand mob justice! (Orlando Sentinel) — If George Zimmerman is not arrested in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin soon, the Rev. Al Sharpton will call for an escalation in peaceful civil disobedience and economic sanctions. Sharpton would not say the efforts would be taken against the city [...]

Inflammatory Expert Cited

Inflammatory Expert Cited:
Who does ace motivator Tony Robbins turn to for motivation? Little ol' inflammatory me, that's who. Here's a new video where he revises and updates my post "How to Feed Your Family on $10 Billion Per Day" which my pal Bill Whittle brought to video last year.
Begins in earnest about the 6:50 mark. Many thanks, TR. By the way, if you ever need an inspiring motivational guest speaker, I'd avoid the hell out of me.

The War on Wisconsin

The War on Wisconsin: From Michelle:

Now is the time for all good tea partiers to come to the aid of Wisconsin. Fiscally conservative leaders in the Badger State are under coordinated siege from Big Labor, the White House, the liberal media and the judiciary. The yearlong campaign of union thuggery, family harassment and intimidation of Republican donors and businesses is about to escalate even further. This is the price the Right pays for doing the right thing.

The most visible target is Gov. Scott Walker, who faces recall on June 5 over his tough package of state budget and public employee union reforms. Three state GOP legislators — Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Sen. Van Wanggaard and Sen. Terry Moulton — also face recall. A fourth target, staunch union reformer and Second Amendment advocate Sen. Pam Galloway, announced she was stepping down last week — leaving the legislature deadlocked and Democratic strategists salivating.

Walker and the GOP majority ended the union compulsory dues racket, allowed workers to choose whether to join a union, curtailed costly bargaining rights and enacted pension and health contribution requirements to bring the government in line with private-sector practices. The Walker reform law helped prevent massive layoffs in public education by saving tens of millions of dollars in bloated benefits bills. Ending the state union monopoly on teachers’ health insurance plans allowed dozens of school districts to switch their coverage to more competitive bidders.

The free-market MacIver Institute reports that at least 25 school districts did so, saving the districts more than $200 per student. Hundreds of millions more in savings are in the works as school districts and local governments turn deficits to surpluses. And Walker’s actions have nearly wiped out the nearly $3.6 billion deficit he inherited from his free-spending predecessors.

New poll data released on Tuesday show two potential Democratic rivals neck and neck with Walker. Wisconsin politicos tell me his national name recognition has bolstered public awareness and fundraising efforts. He’s currently sitting on a $5 million war chest. Walker supporters believe the Big Labor-fueled fight will be dirty, but with vigilant backing, he’ll survive.

The outlook for the unhinged Left’s secondary targets, however, is not so bright. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, a tea party candidate who is not part of the GOP establishment, is being treated as collateral damage by the party. Outside of Wisconsin, most conservative activists are not even aware that she may be booted from office for simply doing her job. Kleefisch told me that on a recent fundraising swing in D.C., national GOP leaders were shocked to learn of her plight.
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And at Breitbart, "WI Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch Faces Nasty, Sexist Smears Amidst Recall."