Saturday, January 14, 2012

And the winner is ........

And the winner is ........:

Over at I Own The World, the Big Fur Hat, freshly tooled and tuned from his recent hospital stay, is holding IOTW's annual agitprop competition -- something we are drowning in from the media, music, pop culture, Hollywood and all those ridiculous but artistic knaves.


Yowsa, what a field this year. This is going to be tough for this year’s judge. But it’s also going to be tough on the artists, because this year we have one of the sharpest eyes in the biz. As if her resume is not already impressive, I am hear to inform you that this year’s judge could easily be an art director for any agency out there. Trust me, I’ve been in the business for decades and she’s one of best Ive ever worked with.

This year’s PUK award for most outstanding achievement in visual agitprop is Pamela Geller. Good luck to these semi-finalists!

Check out the entries here. Brilliant. I will struggle with this one.

Diogenes Middle Finger – Nominated by Diogenes

Maksim – Nominated by Mary Jane Anklestraps

BigFurHat/Irony Curtain – nominated by Mary Jane Anklestraps

Wolverine – Nominated by Diogenes

Daletoons – Nominated by The Looking Spoon

TerrellAfterMath – Nominated by The Looking Spoon

TerrellAftermath – Nominated by the Looking Spoon

The Looking Spoon – Nomintaed by The Looking Spoon

OMGFor America – Nominated by The Looking Spoon

Maksim – Nominated by Frosteetoes

BigFurHat – nominated by Claudia

illustr8r – nominated by Claudia

Zappa Trust – Nominated by Zappa Trust

Zappa Trust – Nominated by Zappa Trust

illustr8r -nominated by bigfurhat

Will Profit – Nominated by Will Profit

BigFurHat – nominated by Diann

Deputy Slim Chiply – nominated by Deputy Slim Chiply

Stilton Jarlsberg – nominated by Millertime

Daletoons – nominated by Maksim

wolverine – nominated by BigFurHat

TerrellAftermath - nominated by rightwingfeather

The Looking Spoon - nominated by The Looking Spoon

illustr8r – nominated by bigfurhat

wolverine – nominated by bigfurhat

The Looking Spoon - nominated by The Looking Spoon

Flaming Hetero – nominated by flaming hetero

RAPH – nominated by Plain Jane

Daletoons - nominated by Rightwingfeather

SadHillNews – nominated by rightwingfeather

MaryJaneAnklestraps – nominated by rightwingfeather

HopeNChangeCartoons – nominated by Chieftain


Herbie Mann – nominated by Herbie Mann

MaryJaneAnkleStraps – nominated by Irony Curtain

Maksim – nominated by Maksim

Maksim – nominated by Maksim