Friday, December 30, 2011

Eye On The World: Why do the left hate so much?

Eye On The World: Why do the left hate so much?

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Why do the left hate so much?

With the dawn of the New Year only hours away, British state secrets from 30 years ago have been released into the public domain and something strange has been revealed. That the loathing that the left have for the former British Prime-minister Margaret Thatcher has been based on lies.

For those of you not in the know Margaret Thatcher was the British PM from 1979 to 1990. Yet while she was the most successful British PM in living history, After years of Character assassination by the left she is actually reviled by nearly everybody. (Even people who weren't even born when she was in power are taught in Schools, yes Schools that she ruined the country)

So what lies did the left invent in which to demonize the most successful British PM who kept the left out of power for nearly 20 years. Well for a start they claim she ruined British industry, yet and a big yet the country was in a far better state in 1990 than in 1979. For those who might disagree, i remember the strikes of the 70s which earned the UK, the nickname; 'The sickman of Europe'. You know that sickman where the country was held to ransom by the unions, Powercuts, 3 day weeks, food shortages, where Unions actually went on strike if they didn't receive chocolate biscuits at their meetings. Take for example the British Motor industry which was nationalised by Labour and run by the Unions. If you worked at BL you had a job for life. You could not be sacked, which is why they built crap cars, which nobody bought. I mean who the hell designs, builds and sells a car which has a square steering wheel?. Maggie took on the Unions and won, that meant, the dead got buried, rubbish got taken away, the lights stayed on and the shops didn't have food shortages.

Then they invented the lie that she allowed the Falklands to be captured so as to get re-elected. The icing on their cake being she had the Belgrano sunk as it was sailing away from the Falklands. Well,what do you know. It transpires that the Belgrano was actually sailing towards the Falklands when it was sunk. But here, why let the truth stop you from telling lies.

How about how she refused to talk to the IRA. Wrong she did.

But the latest bitch by the left is she thought about arming the police, no she didn't, she vetoed it. That she thought about allowing the north of England to rot, no she didn't. But that's it with the left. They lie out of their back teeth and when caught out they lie some more. Currently these leftwing arseholes are on a mission to brainwash me into thinking that Allah is my friend. Err no he f-ing isn't.