Tuesday, October 18, 2011


("dude wtf" was the title of this email sent to Tech Squirrel)


My keyboard customizations that I had set up in Word 2003 are all gone.  

I can no longer transcribe or type reports in this version of Word 2003 that I had very carefully set up over years of time until I set it back up the way it was, and that may take a long time. 

I'm not happy about this.  My questions about MS Word were not answered to my satisfaction when I originally went to set up ****** ON SATURDAY and now you have put in a new installation of word processing, and uninstalled the old one that I have heavily customized.  I am currently searching the hard drive for remnants of my customization files, but I did happen to see how many files were permanently deleted by you and how many apps uninstalled, so I don't have much hope.  I had been using some of those keystroke combinations for so long I have forgotten the names of the macros that were associated with them, so it will be trial-and-error.  Meanwhile I have other work that will suffer because my MS Office files  have been so drastically changed. 

I was thinking about saying no yesterday when you said, "I'm going to do you a big favor and install Office 2007 on your computer."  I thought for a long time about whether I wanted to do that on that particular machine.  What is a person supposed to do once that point is reached?  If I could have been pointed toward a basic installation of Word for the machine I use for work only--as I don't use that one--things would have been fine.  

If there is a way you can bring back my version of Word 2003, please let me know.  Otherwise I don't want to talk to you anymore. 




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2:30 PM (7 hours ago)
I specifically asked if my macros--again, created and compiled by me over years of time, not just the time I have been using that computer, but since I first started writing my own subroutines in WordPerfect back in the 1980s--were going to be ok, and the reply was that they would not be affected.

Yes I have the macros saved as a document in another location.  If I want to use them, I will have to figure out how to reinstall them in Word 2007.  

I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT AUTOCORRECTIONS, I WAS TALKING ABOUT ACTUAL MACROS.  I know, most of us are so stupid we don't know the difference, right?  When a transcriptionist says "macros" she means "autocorrect."  

Except that's not the case with me.  

Please don't contact me again, either of you.  

Yes I'm kicking myself because I decided against my better judgment to go ahead with this.  One of the reasons I did was because Mr ****** answered when I asked him specifically about my macros that they would be ok.  

-- Kristi